Friday, February 3, 2012

Meet The World’s Most Convincing George Clooney Lookalike

David Glendon, an actor in Kilkenny, Ireland, just earned himself a trip to the Oscars by winning a local bar’s George Clooney Lookalike Contest. Just take one look at him from across the room while squinting and you can definitely see why:

HE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE THE CLOONS!!!!!!!! Are we SURE this pic is undoctored?? They have to be twins. Are we POSITIVE they’re not twins? I demand a DNA test.

Alright, fine, so maybe he doesn’t look ‘exactly’ like George Clooney, but it makes sense when you see the runners-up:

Still not convinced? Then just try to pick out the real George Clooney in this photo:

IT’S LIKE LOOKING INTO A MIRROR!!! One of those fun house mirrors that completely distorts your appearance but retains your gender and race and keeps your age within a two-decade ballpark. (The real George Clooney is the one on the right, for the record).

Have fun at the Oscars, dude! Just don’t trick Stacy Keibler into going home with you!!! ***WINK***

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