Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Greatest Holiday Movies of All Time

I'm not the biggest holiday person in the world,  I'm listening to Christmas music on the regular—and catching up on my favorite holiday movies. There's just something about watching fictional characters solve their problems by hugging it out over a slice of pecan pie that melts my cold little heart. So snuggle up under a blanket and pick one to watch—you can't go wrong with any of these holiday-movie favorites.

Home Alone
Why was it the movie for '90s kids? It might have something to do with eight-year-old Kevin McAllister (Macaulay Culkin). Sure, being left home alone is kind of scary—but truth be told, it's also every child's dream to have free rein in his home. Defeating a pair of silly burglars is just icing on the cake, of course. If you want to make a day of it, watch Home Alone 2 and Home Alone 3.

Will Ferrell could do no wrong in the eyes of America in 2003 when this silly tale of a giant man in an elf costume hit theaters. If you want to laugh for an hour and a half straight (and admire Zooey Deschanel's perfect bangs), then this is the movie for you. Bonus points if you scream out "You sit on a throne of lies!" at the same time Buddy the elf does it to a department-store Santa.

It's a Wonderful Life
If you're in the mood to ugly-cry in front of your parents, pop in this holiday classic. I've watched this movie more times than I can count, and I've cried every single time thanks to its moving, universal message about how everyone's life is valuable. And there's no better person to convey that than the quintessential everyman actor Jimmy Stewart, who makes you feel his despair and his joy when he triumphs at the end.

Bridget Jones's Diary
First of all, this movie stars not one but two of my fantasy boos (Hugh Grant and Colin Firth). Secondly, it features Renée Zellweger at her most charming. As the title character, she perfectly captures being a rough-around-the-edges and quirky singleton who has to deal with family members trying to set her up on dates—and an ill-advised relationship with her piggish boss (Grant). If you're still not convinced, you'll surely be won over by the perfect kiss a pantless Jones and Mark Darcy (Firth) share on the snowy streets of London. I'm swooning just thinking about it.

A Charlie Brown Christmas
This movie aired in 1965 and is still shown on TV every holiday season. Not many other holiday films have those bragging rights. But this movie isn't popular because of luck—it has just the right blend of melancholy (Cheer up, Charlie!), whimsicality, and a childlike sense of wonder that makes it a favorite for everyone.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
OK, so this movie takes place during Thanksgiving, but let me break the rules. Why? Because it touches my heart thanks to John Candy's complex portrayal of Del, a slightly hot mess of a man without a family. Sure, he makes Neal's (Steve Martin) trip a disaster by causing a fiery car situation and that "pillows" incident (just watch it), but it doesn't matter in the end because a lifelong friendship is forged.

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Freaky. Weird. Unexpected. That pretty much sums up this anti-holiday holiday movie from the fascinating mind of director Tim Burton. This stop-motion animated tale is probably the most original and visually stunning film on the list. There's no way you can watch this movie and not get sucked into the story of the Pumpkin King, who is bored with his job and life in Pumpkinland and takes a trip to Christmastown.

Trading Places
This movie packs in three holidays in one: It takes place during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve. It also deals with a timeless fable—money is not important—in a dark comedy way. Throw in Eddie Murphy as a con man, Dan Aykroyd as a banker, and the awesome Jamie Lee Curtis and you've got one of the funniest holiday movies around.

The Bishop's Wife
I'm taking it back with another old-school entry: the Cary Grant classic The Bishop's Wife. Grant stars as Dudley, an angel who is called upon by a bishop (David Niven), who has been praying for guidance about how to raise funds for a new cathedral. Dudley has other plans—namely getting the bishop to realize that the guidance needed is not about money. It's a sweet, magical, and feel-good-all-over movie. If only we all had Dudleys in our lives.

Bad Santa
By far the raunchiest movie on the list, Bad Santa is still heartwarming (and really funny). Billy Bob Thorton stars as a con man, who, along with his partner in crime, pose as Santa and his little helper and rob department stores on Christmas Eve. Their plan hits a snag when they befriend a kid with a troubled life. Yeah, yeah, you know how the movie is going to end, but there's enough here to keep you interested, promise.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
The Griswolds are a cursed family. No matter how many trips they take, they have never managed to have a successful vacation thanks to a series of unfortunate events. Of course, their Christmas holiday is no different. Cousin Eddie (Randy Quaid) is the perfect disaster (maybe your family has its own cousin Eddie?).

A Christmas Story
This movie is simply iconic. From the leg lamp to Ralphie's tongue getting stuck on a frozen pole to that BB-gun incident, A Christmas Story has left its mark on all our brains, so much so that it sometimes feels like this story is our own.

Love Actually
This year marks the 10th anniversary of this beloved modern holiday rom-com—and whether you adore it or hate it, you can't deny that this movie, which follows the ups and downs of eight very different couples, is the go-to flick for feel-good moments. Plus, if you don't adore little Sam (Thomas Sangster), then you could potentially be lacking a soul.

Monday, December 9, 2013

10 Christmas Love Songs Ranked in Terms of Their Mistletoe Potential

Although it’s not a holiday focused solely on celebrating romance (respect, Valentine’s Day), you can’t deny that Christmas is a pretty lovey-dovey time of year. There’s a reason it’s smack-dab in the middle of engagement season, and that reason is a combination of lots of sparkly mood lighting, cozy feelings of warmth, and too much egg nog.


And that means that some of the most beloved holiday songs are essentially great love songs accompanied by some jingle bells. Here, we take a closer look at 10 Christmas songs—just those that are romance-focused, rather than the other many wonderful songs about religion or Grandma's unfortunate demise by reindeer—and rate them based on what you'd be doing under the mistletoe while each song played in the romantic comedy of your life.

“Baby It’s Cold Outside”

Sample lyric: "I really can't stay. Baby, it's cold outside."
Romance factor: The melody sounds romantic and sexy, and the idea of lingering with the one you love much longer than you should is pretty familiar to anyone in a new relationship.
Ick factor: Sorry, but this is basically the "Blurred Lines" of Christmas carols. It’s so friggin’ catchy, you wish you could pretend the lyrics weren't so problematic. But the "Say, what's in this drink?" bit? Diiiiiisturbing.
Mistletoe potential: Saying "No kiss and please read this pamphlet on consensual sex instead."

“I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”

Sample lyric: “I saw Mommy tickle Santa Claus underneath his beard so snowy white.”
Romance factor: I mean, there’s kissing. And sneaking around, which is kind of hot.
Ick factor: When you’re a little kid, this song is about your mom cheating on your dad. When you get a little older, it’s about your mom and your dad sucking face when they should be focusing on getting your presents under the tree. Either way, EW MOM STOP THAT IS SOOO GROSS.
Mistletoe potential: Watching your dad pat your mom's bum and wink.

“Twelve Days of Christmas”

Sample lyric: "On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…"
Romance factor: Calling someone “my true love” is so black-and-white movie swoonworthy. And 12 days of appropriately numbered gifts seems like a pretty grand gesture.
Ick factor: I can tell he put a lot of thought into these themed gifts but like, what is with the bird obsession? Birds are creepy. Also, this song is like the holiday version of "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" because it feels like it never ends.
Mistletoe potential: Exchanging a meaningful look with your man that's interrupted by your shrieking niece and nephew.

"Sleigh Ride"

Sample lyric: "We're snuggled up together like two birds of a feather would be."
Romance factor: Obviously, a cuddle sleigh ride for two is just plain adorable.
Ick factor: Not much, although it should be noted that your view on that darling sleigh ride is probably a horse's backside, and realistically, that can get kind of gross. It's a real mood-killer.
Mistletoe potential: Blushing during a kiss on the cheek from your crush.

“Let It Snow”

Sample lyric: “But if you’ll really hold me tight, all the way home I’ll be warm.”
Romance factor: Awwwww. OK, this is basically the non-frat-bro version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” This is how you linger with your baby: no pressure and with no suspicious drinks.
Ick factor: Ick free, unless you’re so cold your heart has frozen over.
Mistletoe potential: Getting wrapped up in a big, warm hug from your long-term boyfriend.

“Last Christmas”

Sample lyric: “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, but the very next day, you gave it away.”
Romance factor: Well, at least this year, you’ve got plans to give your heart to someone special?
Ick factor: Spending Christmas still mourning the dude who broke your heart last year is mega-depressing, and I would know.
Mistletoe potential: Wiping away a single tear while you watch your ex-boyfriend kiss your mortal enemy from across the room.

"My Only Wish (This Year)"

Sample lyric: "Seems like everyone but me is in love, Santa can you hear me?"
Romance factor: A wishing-for-love song for single girls everywhere that's upbeat enough to keep your from weeping into your hot cocoa. Thanks, Britney Spears.
Ick factor: You might still weep into your hot cocoa. But get it together, this song is charming.
Mistletoe potential: Toasting yourself with a glass of champagne.

"Please Come Home for Christmas"

Sample lyric: "My baby's gone; I have no friends to wish me greetings once again."
Romance factor: It's a sad but very sweet wish for a lover to come home.
Ick factor: Dude, it's depressing as all get-out.
Mistletoe potential: Passing out alone in the doorway with a half-eaten roll of cookie dough in your hand.

“Santa Baby”

Sample lyric: “Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree for me.”
Romance factor: If you think diamonds are a girl’s best friend, this song is probably the most romantic thing you’ve ever heard.
Ick factor: The person singing this would definitely not agree with my rant against “Dating for Free Things.”
Mistletoe potential: Eye rolling while protesting, "Don't kiss me honey, you'll smear my carefully applied Chanel lipstick!"

“All I Want for Christmas Is You”

Sample lyric: "I just want you for my own, more than you could ever know."
Romance factor: All of it, this song is everything, go home, other Christmas carols, BYE. Mariah sends her love.
Ick factor: Nothing, duh. Although you are more likely to drunkenly scream-karaoke this song six times in a row with 14 of your closest girlfriends than you are to play it quietly while staring into the eyes of your love. But really, is that any less special?
Mistletoe potential: Getting a proposal from the man of your dreams followed by a perfect life.

The Grammy Nominations Are Here!

The fans aren't the ones who vote in the Grammys, but that's exactly who Macklemore was planning on celebrating with last night after he found out he got nominated for seven gramophones. "We'll celebrate with our fans onstage at the Jingle Ball next door!" he said backstage. Echoed Ryan Lewis: "As a musician you think, I'll never get one of those, so to be here tonight and be nominated is mind-blowing."


Melissa Etheridge admitted she wasn't at all surprised the duo was nominated for "Same Love." Her daughter introduced her to the song one day in the car and as a result, it "has an amazing place in my life. I barely got through it the first time I heard it."

Best New Artist nominee Ed Sheeran was as gracious and understanding as they come when a reporter inappropriately led off his brief Q&A session to ask about spending Thanksgiving with Jennifer Aniston. He mentioned something about sweet potatoes, before a fellow journalist finally asked him about his nomination. (For the record, most artists would have either walked off the stage or said, "Next!" and I wouldn't have blamed Ed if he did).

More Interesting Tidbits:
*Jay-Z got the most nominations with nine, while Kendrick Lamar, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Pharrell, and Justin Timberlake tied for seven.
*Who knew, but there's actually a category for Best Tropical Latin Album. One of the nominees? None other than Marc Anthony for his album 3.0.
*Steve Martin is nominated for Best Americana Album with Edie Brickell for Love Has Come for You.
*Carol Burnett and Billy Crystal are both nominees for Best Spoken-Word Album. Another odd nominee? Bob Saget for Best Comedy Album.

The Grammy Nominees are...

Song of the Year
“Just Give Me a Reason” by Pink
“Locked Out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars
“Roar” by Katy Perry
“Royals” by Lorde
“Same Love” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featuring Mary Lambert

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance
“Get Lucky” by Daft Punk and Pharrell
“Just Give Me a Reason” by Pink and Nate Ruess
“Stay” by Rihanna with Mikkey Ekko
“Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke featuring T.I. and Pharrell
“Suit and Tie” by Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z


Album of the Year
The Blessed Unrest by Sara Bareilles
Random Access Memories by Daft Punk
Good Kid, M.A.D.D. City by Kendrick Lamar
The Heist by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Red by Taylor Swift

Best Country Album
Night Train by Jason Aldean
Two Lanes of Freedom by Tim McGraw
Same Trailer, Different Park by Kacey Musgraves
Based on a True Story by Blake Shelton
Red by Taylor Swift

Best Country Solo Performance
“I Drive Your Truck” by Lee Brice
“I Want Crazy” by Hunter Hayes
“Mama’s Broken Heart” by Miranda Lambert
“Wagon Wheel” by Darius Rucker
“Mine Would Be You” by Blake Shelton

Best Country Duo/Group Performance
From This Valley by the Civil Wars
Don’t Rush by Kelly Clarkson featuring Vince Gill
Your Side of the Bed by Little Big Town
Highway Don’t Care by Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift, and Keith Urban
You Can’t Make Old Friends by Kenny Rogers with Dolly Parton

Best New Artist
Kendrick Lamar
James Blake
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Kacey Musgraves
Ed Sheeran

Record of the Year
“Get Lucky” by Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams
“Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons
“Royals” by Lorde
“Locked Out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars
“Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke featuring T.I. and Pharrell Williams


Best Pop Solo Performance
“Brave” by Sara Bareilles
“Royals” by Lorde
“When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars
“Roar” by Katy Perry
“Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake

Best Dance/Electronica Album
Random Access Memories by Daft Punk
Settle by Disclosure
18 Months by Calvin Harris
Atmosphere by Kaskade
A Color Map of the Sun by Pretty Lights

Best Rock Performance
“Always Alright” by Alabama Shakes
“The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” by David Bowie
“Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons
“Kashmir” (Live) by Led Zeppelin
“My God Is The Sun” by Queens of the Stone Age
“I’m Shakin” by Jack White

Best Rock Album
13 by Black Sabbath
The Next Day by David Bowie
Mechanical Bull by Kings of Leon
Celebration Day by Led Zeppelin
Like Clockwork by Queens of the Stone Age
Psychedelic Pill by Neil Young With Crazy Horse

Best R&B Album
R&B Divas by Faith Evans
Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys
Love in the Future by John Legend
Better by Chrisette Michele
Three Kings by TGT

Best Rap Performance
“Started from the Bottom” by Drake
“Berzerk” by Eminem
“Tom Ford” by Jay-Z
“Swimming Pools (Drank)” by Kendrick Lamar
“Thrift Shop” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featuring Wanz

Best Rap/Song Collaboration
“Power Trip” by J. Cole featuring Miguel
“Part II (On the Run)” by Jay-Z featuring Beyonce
“Holy Grail” by Jay-Z featuring Justin Timberlake
“Now or Never” by Kendrick Lamar featuring Mary J. Blige
“Remember You” by Wiz Khalifa featuring the Weekend

Best Rap Album
Nothing Was the Same by Drake
Magna Carta...Holy Grail by Jay-Z
Good Kid, M.A.D.D. City by Kendrick Lamar
The Heist by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Yeezus by Kanye West

Best Dance Recording
"Need U (100%)" by Duke Dumont featuring A*M*E & MNEK
"Sweet Nothing" by Calvin Harris featuring Florence Welch
"Atmosphere" by Kaskade
"This Is What It Feels Like" by Armin Van Buuren featuring Trevor Guthrie
"Clarity" by Zedd featuring Foxes

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album
Viva Duets by Tony Bennett and Various Artists
To Be Loved by Michael Buble
The Standards by Gloria Estefan
Cee Lo’s Magic Moment by Cee Lo Green
Now by Dionne Warwick

Best Music Video
“Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities
“Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film” by Jay-Z
“Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featuring Ray Dalton
“Suit & Tie” by Justin Timberlake featuring Jay-Z
“I’m Shakin’” by Jack White

Best Comedy Album
Calm Down Gurrl by Kathy Griffin
I’m Here to Help by Craig Ferguson
A Little Unprofessional by Ron White
Live by Tig Notaro
That’s What I’m Talkin’ About by Bob Saget

Best Spoken-Word Album
Stephen Colbert for America Again: Re-Becoming the Greatness We Never Weren’t
Carol Burnett for Carrie and Me
David Sedaris for Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls
Billy Crystal for Still Foolin’ ‘Em
Pete Seeger for The Storm King

Who are you rooting for come Grammy night (January 26)?

Ways to Reduce Stress (and Actually Enjoy the Holidays)

As joyous a time as the holidays can be, sometimes it gets a little difficult to stay calm with all of the family outings, gifts to buy, parties to attend, and so on. We get it. And so does Dr. Jaime Kulaga, PhD.
Dr. Kulaga shares some tips that she recommends to her stressed-out clients below. Start practicing them now, and you could be stress-free by 2014.


It's a stressful time of year...

1. Don't Focus On Others. Focus On You. If your friend just got engaged and you're still single, or if your coworker got a promotion that you wanted, don't stress out. Comparing yourself to others automatically makes you feel like the inferior one. Instead, focus your energy on you and how you can improve your life. "You are in control of you and need to take the time and energy to explore who you are," says Dr. Kulaga.

2. Stay Active. "Find ways to beef up your energy so that you can handle any stressors that come your way," says Dr. Kulaga. For example, if you know you have tons of work to do, make sure to treat yourself to a nice healthy breakfast first, or take a break to fit in a workout in the middle of a hectic week.

3. Don't Add Extra Worry. Live in the now as much as possible, because obsessing over things that might go wrong won't help prevent any of them. In fact, "If you create anxiety and tell yourself that something might go wrong, and then in fact it goes wrong, then you lived the pain twice," Dr. Kulaga says.

4. Avoid Negative Friends. "Negativity truly is contagious and stressful," says Dr. Kulaga. And once you adopt those negative thoughts, the bad effects can stick around for a while. Pessimistic thoughts act as internal stressors on the body, says Dr. Kulaga. They activate our "fight or flight" response and can keep us agitated for long periods of time. So make plans with your positive friends instead!

5. Appreciate What You Have. Yes, not everything may be perfect in your life, but give yourself some credit—you worked hard to get to where you are. "Once you realize you earned what you have (whatever that is), your confidence goes up and [as a result] stress goes down."

Now we know this is all easier said than done, but if you might end up more relaxed and happy, we think it's worth a shot. Will you try these tips?

Friday, December 6, 2013

Watch the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer, Remember That It's Been You All Along, Andrew Garfield. You're the One.

I realize, after watching this Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer, that it's been way too long since we've had a good dose of Andrew Garfield. When I watch him as Spider-man, I'm basically just twiddling my thumbs through the scenes where he's in costume (uniform? didn't mean to emasculate superheroes at large there) so that we can get back to him being in either a t-shirt or a pea coat. His real superpower is owning those looks like nobody's biz.

Now, I do have one complaint about the trailer: NOT ENOUGH EMMA STONE. Trailer, you are trying to distract us with Andrew and his hair and... what was I saying? Oh, right. There better be more Emma in the next one. It's bad enough that Shailene Woodley got totally cut out of the movie. Don't skimp on the Stone!

Take a look, and start getting psyched for May (May 2, the release date, that is, not Aunt May—Aunt May looks pretty stressed, per usual).

Watch the Fast & Furious Team's Moving Paul Walker Tribute

When a celebrity dies, the media tries to strike a balance between acknowledgment and overkill. The last few days have been saturated with Paul Walker stories, and I'll be honest: somewhere around midday Monday I braced myself for the typical ugly turn such a big stretch of spotlight sometimes takes. I'm talking about the part where the skeletons come out, or the enemies make themselves heard.

This doesn't seem to be happening with Walker. Every story that keeps his name in the news—like this old CosmoGIRL! interview that put his sensitivity on display, or this quietly stunning tale of his financing a strapped stranger's engagement ring—reveals another lovely facet of his personality. Which just makes this tribute video from the Fast & Furious team all the more moving. It's a sweet reminder of how strangely intimate fan mourning is—though you've never met the person, they've brought joy into your life. (To me, of course, Walker will always be Caleb Mandrake—but while I dig up my old Skulls VHS, and a VCR, you gearhead-flick fans go ahead and reflect on this.)

And Now, Your Fifty Shades Movie Update

Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey have been cast, we've seen a first peek at them in character, and now, finally, Fifty Shades of Grey has begun filming. So, of course, it follows that frequent updates will be pouring in until the day we finally get to sit down and watch the dang thing. And buckle up, because this week is chock-full of brand-new Fifty Shades goodies:

First up, as I mentioned before, filming has begun!

But that's not all: Check out Jamie and Dakota in action filming what seems to be a very dramatic and sexy tea party.


Hey, tea is sexy, I promise. In other news, Rita Ora is adding a slash-actress to her pop-star status—she's been cast as Mia, Christian's adopted sister.


But even more interesting: There are rumors floating about that producers are considering releasing two versions of the movie—one rated R, of course, and one more explicit with a NC-17 status. Interesting.

So, tell me, which version would you see? The mainstream version or the racier one or both?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

12 Lies People Love to Tell You

Over the years you’ve developed a set of beliefs based on what others have told you.  The problem is, many of these people weren’t telling the truth.  They were merely repeating the little, seemingly innocent lies someone else once told them.  Now, the false beliefs they’ve ingrained in your mind are impeding your potential and holding you back from the life you’re capable of living.

Here are twelve lies you’ve likely heard and the truth that will set you free:

1.  What you need in life is comfort and safety.
If you want to make an impact, big or small, get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  All growth begins at the end of your comfort zone.  Maybe the thing you’re scared of is exactly what you should do.  Sometimes life is about risking it all for a dream no one can see but you.

2.  You have way too much to lose.
In the end, you will not regret the things you have done nearly as much as the things you have left undone.  It’s always better to be left with a few “oh wells,” than a bunch of “what ifs.”  It’s better to have a lifetime full of experiences and mistakes you learned from, rather than a heart full of regrets and empty dreams.  Someday you will want to look back at your life and say, “I can’t believe I did that!” instead of, “Gosh, I wish I would have…”

3.  Your dream is impossible.
When a dream matters enough to a person, that person will find a way to achieve what at first seemed impossible.  Let that person be YOU.  It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.  Go after your dream, no matter how unattainable others tell you it is.  What’s impossible to them may not be impossible for you.

4.  Being self-centered is always wrong.
You must choose yourself and live your life from beginning to end; no one else can do it for you.  Claiming full control over your health, dreams, and well-being are some of the areas in your life where you get to be a little selfish and not feel bad about it.  If you want to reach your goals, you have to be the center of this part of your journey.  You have to make it work for you and you alone.  It’s not selfishness, it’s self-care and self-improvement.  Anything less is a setup for failure.

5.  You need the approval of others.
People are sometimes too quick to judge, but slow to correct themselves.  Don’t be one of them.  Focus on your own growth, goals, and self-worth.  Leave people to their opinions and judgments.  Let them respect you for who you are, and not for who they want you to be…  Or let them walk away if they choose.  Either way, they can’t harm you; it’s their understanding that is faulty, not yours.

6.  The strongest, happiest people have fewer problems.
Strength doesn’t come from what you can do; it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t do.  When you are at your lowest point, you are open to the greatest positive change.  Happiness is not the absence of problems, but the strength to deal with them.  The strongest people are the ones who feel pain, accept it, learn from it, and fight through it.  They turn their wounds into wisdom.

7.  Situations are either positive or negative.
The Chinese symbol for the word “crisis” is written using two strokes of a pen.  One stroke stands for danger, and the other for opportunity.  In other words, in a crisis, beware of the danger, but also recognize the opportunity.  Life always balances itself out.  Everything that happens is neither positive nor negative; it just depends on your perspective.

8.  Perfect relationships exist.
The love of your life isn’t perfect, you aren’t either, and the two of you will never be perfect.  But if you can make each other laugh once in awhile, cause each other to think twice about the sweetness of life, and both admit to being human and making mistakes, your relationship is something special.  No, you two may not always choose the most poetic words, and there will likely be inconsiderate slip-ups on occasion, but that’s what makes your bond real.  Smile when they make you happy, speak up when they make you mad, and miss them when they’re gone.  Love hard when there is love to be had.  Perfect love doesn’t exist, but true love does, and it’s worth the effort.

9.  Love is an obligation.
Love between two people comes because both people want to share their love, not because YOU want it from the other person.  Your family, friends, co-workers, partner – they all love you because they choose to, not because you want them to.  Love is meant to be felt, enjoyed and lived, not to be forced on anyone.

10.  You can’t be kind to everyone.
Kindness is not to be mistaken for weakness, nor forgiveness for acceptance.  It’s about knowing resentment is not on the path to happiness.  Having confidence and class is the ability to walk away from a bad situation with a smile on your face and forgiveness in your heart.

11.  You need more to be happy.
There are two ways of being rich: One is to have all you want, the other is to be satisfied with what you have.  Accept and appreciate things now, and you’ll find more happiness in every moment you live.  Happiness comes when you stop complaining about the troubles you have and offer thanks for all the troubles you don’t have.  And remember, you have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life.

12.  It’s too late.
Anyone can run away; it’s super easy.  Facing issues and working through them makes you strong.  Focus on your dreams, not your problems.  It’s not too late.  A hundred disappointments in the past can’t equal the power of one positive action right now.  Talk is cheap; action is priceless.  Go for it!  Give yourself another chance.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Possibly the Funniest Holiday Ad Campaign This Year

This season, why not flip the holiday spirit on its head by treating yourself—and getting your friends and loved ones, uh, toothpicks? Check out British department store Harvey Nichols' hilarious new Christmas campaign, which is themed "Sorry, I Spent It On Myself," and comes with an accompanying line of gag gifts. For real—Harvey Nichols is actually selling a "Sorry, I Spent It On Myself" line of products this holiday. And, if you're more keen on looking out for number one while you're doing your gift shopping, this is the product range for you.

OK, I know you know this, but seriously, please do not buy your friends and loved ones rubber bands or toothpicks. Maybe socks, though. Socks are fine. Merry Christmas Squammy loves :)