Friday, October 28, 2011

This is An Infographic Full of Deep, Deep Personal Meaning

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OMG! I dooo love with my heart and understand with my purple lotus halo. I can neither confirm nor deny the “am” nature of my feet, do of my stomach, or see of my forehead though.
Whatever dude, it’s a rainbow. FTW! :)

A Guide To Being a Pirate

If you’re willing to gouge your eye out, cut off your hand, and chew on rocks until your lose a few teeth, you might have what it takes to be a DIY pirate.

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Don't try this at home.
What’s that you say? You’re not a crazy person?
Well, you could always just buy yourself a parrot…

Lance Bass Debuts Terrible Boyband Sure to Sell a Billion Records

Blondie with the abs can stay, as can the little one with red pants. The fella with the star tattoo under his eye (Did he kill a popstar?) and his two pals have got to go though.

NSYNC’s third most famous alumni (and fifth best singer) Lance Bass has left his stamp of approval on new boyband Heart2Heart’s debut single about updating your Facebook status. OK, so his stamp is actually more of a Michael and Janet Scream glowy booth snippet, but whatever.
The group seems to be a parody…we think? Still, their music video for Facebook Official has over 600,000 views at press time. It’s hard to tell if we’re watching legitimate singers trying to break through via questionable media like five Rebecca Blacks with balls (maybe?) or simply a new 2Gether.

Either way, Entertainment Weekly has rounded up the five LOLiest lyrics from their single.

5.’Heart2Heart is back/ FB chat poppin’ on my Mac.’ 4.’C’mon/ Myspace is dead/ I’m checking your page to see what you said.’
3.’Heart on your page/Heart, heart on your page/let’s make it official.’
2. ‘Can you confirm this request/Agree to my terms of service.’
1.’Status update/what/checking pics of your butt.’
The song kind of has to be heard to be believed. And in that respect, Bass and his boyband will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Real? Spoof? A hit either way? What do you think of Facebook Official?

How Many Characters Can You Identify on the Cartoon Color Wheel?

Let’s see here, we’ve got Brak, Pooh, Beast Boy, Stimpy, Buster Bunny, Mystique, and that horizontal-headed guy from Ahh! Real Monsters, along with 100 of their closest friends.

Eternal Champion of the Cartoon Universe bragging rights go out to the first commenter to correctly identify everyone pictured!
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Madonna Vs. Lady Gaga: Fashion Face-off Infographic

It’s the Queen of Pop versus the Mother Monster in a fashion battle royale! OK fine, it’s just a Madonna vs. Lady Gaga infographic.

The lobster helmet, Hard Candy wrestling belt, pile of Kermits, Geisha girl, Bubble dress and the Marilyn mole are all represented in this infographic featuring the best of these broads’ boudoirs.

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madonna versus lady gaga, madonna lady gaga infographic, madonna lady gaga fashion infographic

Who has had the better looks?

Gay Mortal Kombat: Finish Him

I've always suspected Sub-Zero was a bit hot to trot, if you know what I'm saying…but who would have guessed that Kano’s snowballs would be the ones he was polishing? :D HAHA

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Have You Hit a Weight Loss Plateau?

If you've been losing weight and feeling great about it only to suddenly hit a plateau where the scale isn't budging, here's exactly what you need to know to jump start your fitness again...

Health writer Ashley Neglia took a look at this phenomenon, and it's a smart reminder for everyone: "While it's easier for our psyches to blame a waning metabolism than a lack of willpower, [findings and research] showed that most people who experience a weight loss plateau six to eight months into a diet are reverting back to pre-diet behaviors," she writes.
How to beat the mind game? Instead of focusing on the weight you want to lose, focus on how you're going to do it. Make a to-do list of steps like a.) swap fast food at lunch for a salad, or b.) go to yoga class after work three nights a week, and then cross these items off your list as you complete them.

Another thing that always helps me is newness. Whether it's a new pair of running shoes or a new fitness class, or even a new cookbook of healthy recipes--novelty helps me get excited about my fitness goals.

Have you hit a weight-loss plateau? Do you need to jump-start your fitness goals again?

Nicki Minaj is Halloween's Fourth Most-Wanted Costume

Today in fashion news from around the world wide web: Nicki Minaj is the fourth-most-popular Halloween costume search on the internet (and first-most-popular non-animal-related costume search); Goths are still gothy when they get older; What happens to malls when they close down? And here's a video of models from all over the world saying tongue-twisters in their native languages. This way.


The monster-sized monster slipper bed!

Tom Boddingham from East London has one foot that is a size 13 and another foot that is a size 14.5 (side note: Does this mean he has a lopsided peen?), and so he usually has to special order shoes for his feets. Tom ordered monster slippers from a British-based company that gets their shit from a factory in China, and when they came in the mail he had to check the invoice to make sure it said "Tom Boddingham" and not "Paris Hilton."
One of the slippers was a size 13, like he ordered, and the other one was a size 1,450. The company said that the factory in China made a "clerical error" and didn't see the decimal point. THE HELL? Instead of a slipper, Tom now has a sleeping slipper for two! Tom says he's going to contact Guinness to see if his Bigfoot car slipper beats some kind of world record. Yeah, it beats the world record for the world's dumbest bitch, because who would make a size 1,450 slipper without burping up a question?

Yes, I'm throwing "something in the milk ain't clean" looks right next to you. The obvious questions are: why didn't the company confirm this mess and wouldn't it cost thirty times more to ship this? Another question: what's the name of the company, because I too want a monster slipper bed.
This can't be real. It has to be marketing for the new season of Khloe & Lamar.

Everybody Involved Should Go To Jail For This Gross Sh!t

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 6-year-old-looking Justin Bieber gave his 19-year-old scissor sister Selena Gomez a titty check at a hockey game in Winnipeg. Or maybe he's grabbing at hers while wishfully dreaming about the day that his finally come in. Then the lovebirds put everybody in that VIP box on some kind of list when they kissed on each other while 69-ing through their jerseys.

Okay, I was 12 once a million years ago, so I understand that kids do this kind of shit when their hormones tell them they're in love, but DAMN. Take this shit away from public eyes.That titty grabbing picture is about as not right as not right can be. It's like reverse Pedophilia. Arrest them! Arrest their parents! Arrest us for looking at this! Arrest everybody!

Bai Ling's New Song Is Not Of This World

Warning: Pressing play on Bai Ling's new song called "Rehab" will probably alert our future alien overlords to your whereabouts and when they land on the planet to make us their sex slaves you'll be the first one who gets shackled and probed.
Second warning: Pressing play on Bai Ling's new song called "Rehab" will scramble your ear drums and brainwash you into worshiping at the altar of her (NSFW) Hershey kiss cookie nipples.

The Longest Staring Contest Ever

George Clooney brought his latest contract girl Stacy Keibler to the Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala and as they made their way up the red carpet, they stopped and stared at each other. Just like they stared at each other in London....and Paris...and New York. That's what they do. They stare at each other like an old couple sitting in the middle of a Sizzler who just silently stare at each other as they chew on their all-you-can eat shrimp. This leads me to believe that Stacy isn't pinning George down and forcing him to suck on her strap-on, they're just in a really long staring contest.

Hint to Stacy: Just coo out the word "marriage" and George will blink with his entire body.
Or wait. Maybe this isn't a staring contest at all. Maybe they are blinking. Maybe George learned from his past mistakes, so from now on he's training all of his temporary pieces to communicate by Morse Code through blinking. That way they won't speak with their mouths, because George hates that. Love you much Georgie!

The Only Henry Cavill GIF You’ll Ever Need

Meet your new Superman, Henry Cavill, formerly of Tudors fame, who has spent the last year or so eating old timey dumbells in an effort to buff up for the role as the Man of Steel himself. Judging by the above photo, Cavill put on about a pec-tacular amount of muscle and is taking a cue from the Jon Hamm School of Body Hair, not a joke but an actual school where men walk around shirtless and talk about cheating on their wives. 

While we don’t know much about the upcoming superhero flick Superman: Man of Steel, there is one thing we do know: Henry Cavill has a woman assigned to him to assure that he will be appropriately grimy and covered in grease. And for that alone, I will see it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

James Franco’s Bare Ass Is Now A Magazine Cover

This month’s issue of Flaunt Magazine features two cover photos of James Franco. One is of James Franco’s clothed front:

And the other, quite literally, is a giant closeup of James Franco’s bare ass (NSFW):

Um, alright! That’s a pretty reasonable camera angle / concept / everything. Also, the phrase “Pruning The Roses” sounds more than a little gross when it’s overtop a very close-up buttcrack.
As for James Franco, I suppose this fits in nicely with his ongoing quest to be everywhere and do everything. Will this include an Ace Ventura reboot?

Things You Can Learn From YouTube Fitness Phenomenons

Need a little fitness motivation? Of course you do (we all do!)! Check out the important tips you can learn from these YouTube fitness phenomenons...

Their videos get thousands, even millions, of hits on YouTube. But if you're thinking, 'I'll never get a lean, toned body like that,' think again. Fitness, as these YouTube stars demonstrate, just boils down to a few basic principles:

1. Use what you have. Mike, the ripped fitness guru behind dozens of YouTube videos that have been watched as many as 3 million times, has a favorite fitness gadget: A hand towel! Yep, even if you don't have a gym membership or a fancy personal trainer, you have a hand towel, right? Then use it, and get fit! Here, he demonstrates how:

2. Your couch can help you get fit. His and Her Health and Fitness' channel features a video that is very popular, for good reason: It makes getting six-pack abs look easy (even for couch potatoes!). Next time you're watching your favorite show, do this routine:

3. Got five minutes a day? You can get a great butt. Tammy, a fitness trainer whose videos are watched by millions of people reminds us that not only can you do moves to tone your legs and butt anywhere (in the office, while folding laundry, etc.), but also it doesn't take a ton of time. Just five minutes a day, and your legs are on their way to toning up. Check out her quick routine:

I think these are really refreshing reminders that fitness is about taking charge with what you have to work with (budget, time and interest) and go with it.

San Francisco to Ban Nudity in Restaurants (Wait, It Was Legal to Be Nude in a Restaurant?!)

This just in: The city of San Francisco may ban nudity in restaurants, if a proposed ordinance goes through. I know what you're thinking, "wait, so it's currently legal to dine out nude?" Why yes, it is. In San Francisco.
In San Francisco, you can munch your healthy salad and grilled chicken at most restaurants--in the nude. The nudist-friendly city, where public nudity is legal (just as long as the individual is not, erm, in a state of arousal), may be slapping a shoes-shirt-and-pants-required law on restaurant goers if city official Scott Weiner's (don't laugh) new ordinance goes through. The new law would require diners to be fully dressed. Weiner also is calling for nude diners to place a towel or "barrier" of some sort down on the seat before sitting. 

Oh my goodness, what do you think of this? Do you think it should be legal to dine nude, or does this just seem like a health hazard to you?:P

I just love this Banned Belo Billboard!

albert martinez banned bill
Wow Albert Martinez is in good shape at age of 50. But of course his body and looks is courtesy of Belo Medical Group. Actually I’m surprised that he didn’t look like a wax figure as compared to other Belo clients. Really strange that this ad didn’t make it to the billboards, it’s not like he’s wearing speedos or anything.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Beware, There Could Be Something Scary Lurking in Diet Pills

Do you take over-the-counter diet pills? Ever been tempted to try them? I have some important news for you...


Just because they're non-prescription and labeled "natural", doesn't mean they're safe. That's the important reminder from health regulators who report that 20 brands of dietary supplements may contain a dangerous prescription drug yanked from the market last year for safety concerns. 

According to the FDA, products called “A-Slim 100% Natural Slimming Capsules,” “P57 Hoodia,” “PhentaBurn Slimming Capsules,” and “Dream Body Slimming Capsules,” may actually contain sibutramine (brand name "Meridia"), a prescription weight-loss drug that the FDA says could be linked to heart attacks and stroke. Yikes!

More from the FDA: ..."sibutramine is known to substantially increase blood pressure and/or pulse rate in some patients and may present a significant risk for patients with a history of coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, arrhythmias, or stroke. This product may also interact in life-threatening ways with other medications a consumer may be taking."

Beware of what you put in your bodies, guys..

The Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas of 2011: Fashion Edition!

Has that beloved flapper headband seen better days? Why not consider one of these 10 fashion-y Halloween costume ideas straight from the best pop culture posts of 2011. If you don’t do it, we’re pretty sure someone else will (and, c'mon, who doesn’t love a Halloween double?!). Spoiler alert: there’s an abundance of fascinating fascinators on this list! 

Kate Middleton & Prince William: Impersonating the world's most famous newlyweds = your best Halloween ever?

Anna Dello Russo: Thank you, fashion gods. Ladies, the opportunity to wear an insane hat and only speak Italian all night has finally come. 
Katy Perry in Christian Dior: Or if you can't speak Italian, take a page from Katy Perry's book and don a little Craft Store Dior. 

Bill Cunningham: Want to stuff tons of candy in your pockets while no one's looking? Dress yourself Bill's uniform of choice. (Or make your man do it and wear something totally fabulous so he can snap your picture.)

A Pan Am Stewardess: Retro cuties, rejoice! Put a little stewardess hat on that Joan Holloway costume and voila! Pan Am bombshell. 

Baby on Board Beyonce: Dancing like Beyonce while wearing a fake baby bump, Lanvin caftan and/or sequin tux ensemble is as fun as it sounds. Trust. 

Princess Beatrice: The fascinator of all fascinators, Princess Beatrice's outfit from the Royal Wedding was too good for words.

Donatella Versace: With an H&M collab coming down the pipeline and Lady Gaga in her fab club, little Donatella's will soon be popping up everywhere. Get a group together (and hopefully a discount on blonde wigs) in salute to the Italian mogul. 

Gaga In The Meat Dress: Just don't use real meat! That would be really smelly! You can totally dye your hair blue and grey though.

Lanvin Dance Party Tag Team: Got a bestie date for the night? Turn up the jams and put on your best party dress and hit the town.

Tempted by any of these ideas? :D

Friday, October 21, 2011

Anne Curtis Sizzling Pole Dance at Showtime

The audience are in for a treat with Anne Curtis pole dance number at Showtime. Things went pretty well until she opened her mouth and sang her heart out to Adele’s “Someone like you” and Aerosmith’s “Don’t wanna miss a thing”. She butchered the song good. Her deaf tone voice has been a staple entertainment fodder. Kaw na talaga Anne :D

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This Pixar Lamp Costume Just Won Halloween

Still looking for a Halloween costume? Are you also a Pixar fan? And more than that, are you so committed to your love of Pixar that you’re completely cool with literally hopping around for an entire night purely for the sake of Pixar-accuracy?
Even if the answer is ‘no’, let’s all take ten seconds to marvel at this person’s unbelievable devotion to the Pixar-costume craft, with this Pixar lamp costume that’s accurate and hilarious well past the point of total inconvenience:
Wow. The only way they can top it this year is to go in a six-person group costume, with their companions each going as one of the letters in “PIXAR” then he hops on the ‘I’ and knocks it out repeatedly throughout the night. Is that asking too much?

Good Idea Alert: Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses

Going viral right now? Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses, a Tumblr dedicated to pictures enhanced by faces from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle franchise, in which tiny Raphaels, Michaelangelos, and even Bebops are sketched onto the noses of famous human people like Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, and (my persona favorite) soul singer Ledisi.

So, yeah, it’s pretty important, considering the fact that a photo of Lil Wayne as a baby but with tattoos and piercings on his face, as well as a Ninja Turtle on his nose, is your next tattoo, naturally.

Lights, Camera, Naptime: Harry Belafonte Asleep On Live Television

Cut Harry Belafonte a break, you guys. He’s 84 years old, a living legend for his work in film and music and as an activist. And he’s about to be the focus of an HBO biopic and a new autobiography, so when he does interview junkets all day long, he’s bound to get tired and close his eyes for a moment because, you know what? He’s tired! He’s lived for eight decades! Leave him alone! You’d be exhausted, too!
But, man, the control room is probably a mess right now. You just do you, Belafonte! Daylight come and you wanna take a NAP! YOU DESERVE IT!

Zach Braff Screws A Fan On Camera, Might Make You Like Him

Love him or hate him, Zach Braff has totally optimized his Twitter following, posting a picture of himself “screwing a fan.”

Golf claps, Zach Braff. You did it.