Squammy Eats..

Waiter.. REFILL!

As a certified CHICKEN LOVER.. I was so thrilled to learn that the Max’ Chicken All You Can Eat promo is so freakin' back!!! 
For those who missed last year's opportunity, this is your chance to take advantage of Max's biggest treat 
Chicken Dance
 From June 10 - July 10, 2011 visit any Max's restaurant nationwide and wait for the tilaok signal and the show-stopping promo activation performance by Max's employees every 6PM. This will be an indication that you can already avail of Max's P199 home-cooked fried chicken, matched with an ice-cold glass of any Pepsi softdrink that can be upgraded to bottomless drink for only P28. 

In addition, you can get a P20 money coupons for every P200 spent during the promo. A maximum of three (3) accumulated coupons per transaction may be used to purchase any Max's products.

Imagine, ALL the mouth-watering Max’s fried chicken you can supermunch for as low as P199 and it comes with a free glass of Pepsi! I think it’s better than those cheap buffets where they mostly serve leftover food from some other banquet. 

At P199 a pop, this definitely was all worth it
Now, a word of caution to all those who would want to take this challenge head on (personally I consider this a challenge, because after downing 1 whole chicken, I gave up) Wear your game face and bring an empty stomach along with you. 
Bring it on!
Because if you don't..  you will definitely be crushed by an astounding amount of Max's chicken raining from the sky :P Haha

There's also a Max's Chicken-All-You-Can photo contest. Those availing the promo can upload a photo showcasing a Chicken All You Can experience inside a Max's branch on the Max's Restaurant Facebook wall. Be as creative as you can and Win 1 of 5 MAX’S PER TABLE SET C GROUP MEAL (good for 10 people). Deadline of submission of entries is on July 11, 2011. 

For more details, log on to:


A Starbucks Indulgence for Only 170 Calories

Darlings, I have a confession to make: I am a tad bit obsessed with a new treat from Starbucks that has zero nutritional value. But sometimes we need to splurge, and this one's not that bad. Look what you can devour for just 170 calories...

These things have a yummy, fondant-like crust with a ooey, gooey cakey center (think cake batter, but slightly more baked). Yum.
I know, there is nothing nutritionally sound about these treats, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that they only have 170 calories--not bad for a splurge!

Have you tried these? They taste amazing with a cup of hot coffee.


Eat All You Can at Kowloon House West Avenue

I love food, I love to eat and I don't like spending too much on what I eat

On the way home last Saturday night, me and my family happened to pass by Kowloon House West Avenue and saw they have an Eat All You Can Promo for only Php280, all right that sounds tasty.. parking here we come.  We immediately went inside feeling so excited.  We approached the buffet table, got our plates and began filling the plates up with the many dishes laid out in front of us. We just went on attack mode right away. :P Here are some snapshots I took:)
I heart Buchi
Mah plate
Back for more!

I love that I get to eat different things at the same time and only for P280. I forgot to mention, this deal comes with a glass of iced tea. I can’t resist indulging again in this feast in the following weeks to come. :)

Kowloon HouseWest Ave.

16 West Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 372-3685 to 92 loc 102-104


eat & go

though we love malling, sometimes it just becomes a struggle for us squammies to be inside a mall. primarily because most spots in the city carry products that we can't afford to spend our precious money on. and i'm not just talking about the high-end fashion stuff anymore because lately, even finding a good quality resto to dine in in between the strolling and window shopping is becoming a major problem--the food is too expensive and most of the time, they're not worth the high price tag!

well luckily, in SM megamall, we found a new place that we can waste our pockets on! well, it's not exactly new new, but it's the first time we tried it out and fortunately, we liked it!

the place is called eat & go, located in the new wing of megamall (is it called the atrium? we're not so sure but it's that area where the aircon is much colder, because there are fewer of us squammies there :P). it's in that same area where amici is located.

so what enticed us to enter the place? it is THIS:

(click on the photo to enlarge):

see the squammy keywords in there?

P369 for 2 people = not bad.
so here's what we ordered: a plate of healthy and yummy waldorf salad <3

fish scallopini. the plate included about 6-8 pieces of deep-fried cream dory fish fingers with tartar sauce, a bowl of chili, and a single serving of pasta bolognese.

roasted chicken plate with java rice and buttered corn and carrots. the rice was good, we ordered an extra!

and 2 glasses of berry iced tea (which didn't match with my taste buds so well. tasted like medicine to me.)

we also ordered and extra plate of calamari rings at P175 which was big enough for 2-3 people. and it tastes really good. not bad for such price:

we enjoyed everything we had, except that the pasta was hard, seemed like the noodles were half-cooked, so better tell your waiter to cook your noodles well. we finished most of the food but had enough left for takeout that's good enough for 1 more person to enjoy. we left the pasta untouched not only because of our issue with the noodles, but also because it didn't mix well with the chili. the fish and the chili, however, literally married each other that we forgot about the tartar sauce. we just dipped the fish fingers right into the chili and it was yummy!

good food. nice place. good times. :)


Beijing Street Foods

There’s a Chinese saying, “For the people food is their heaven” — and nowhere is this more evident than along Wangfujing Snack Street, where, for years, in sometimes harsh conditions, cooks have developed and perfected their art.
Beijing street food is cheap, varied, convenient, and above all great to eat. If you don’t mind abandoning your air conditioned hotel for dusty street corners and crowds of hungry Beijingers then you could end up becoming seriously addicted to it.
Basic options include Beijing staples, like steaming bowls of spicy málà tàng (noodle soup served with various meat) or zhájiàngmiàn (noodles in fried bean sauce). If you’d prefer a more contemporary culinary scene, be sure to cleanse your palate with a glass of lóngjĭng chá (Dragonwell tea) and mouth-numbing tofu gōngbào jīdīng (tofu topped with peanuts and garnished with shredded chicken).

The more adventurous diner can try scorpions, snakes, silkworms, beetles, centipedes, emu, starfish, eel, octopus, and grasshoppers.  Though this isn't everyday food, the locals were chomping it down.

As you enter Wangfujing, located in the Dongcheng district, you’ll encounter a triumphant blend of creativity, flavor and economy. Cooks fry, chop and stir usually simple dishes, often with grains as the centerpiece.

These are meals that appeal to all the senses without forgetting their uniquely Chinese concept of yin and yang. It is this principle of balance and harmony — pairing bland items with stronger, crisper ones — that can makes Chinese cuisine both appealing and overwhelming.

It helps to speak the language: dishes begin at 5 yuan (about 35 pesos)  if you have some level of competence in Mandarin; prices can rise to 20 yuan (about Php 140) if you communicate solely in English. One phrase to learn that might come in handy: “Nĭ chī fàn le ma?” — “Have you eaten yet?”

My visit to this peculiar place made me wonder:  Is it really true that the Chinese will eat any part of just about anything that moves? How did they turn out this way? What might this reveal about human nature? Oh well, I guess.. its for them to know and for me to find out.


Chocolate Fire

Chocolate Fire is not your usual chocolate store. As their website says, Chocolate Fire is a Chocolate Deli and is best described as a café/lounge/bar experience with all the selections of a delicatessen.  

Together with my friends we decided to try out one of the best chocolate places in the metropolis which is Chocolate Fire.

It is hiding in the inside street of tall buildings around Makati. The exterior is plain white which boldly stated its name. As you enter the store you'll gaze up a dim setting which only used brightly lit. 

The environment has a good ambiance. You can easily glimpse on the sparkling variety of chocolates placed on a row of long table. There are fresh dipped cherries, truffles, milk chocolate dipped Pringles, gaga fantasy and more.Everything is covered with chocolate!

Their chocolates are like one of those I see on TV from Europe. Most European countries treat their chocolates as a luxury not just a chocolate.

The food and drinks are quite expensive but its all worth it coz the service, the food, the ambiance, equals PERFECT.
It's a great place to bring that special someone. 
I'd like to come back here to try out the other chocolate concoctions they make especially their vodka with chocolate in it.

We really had fun raving from all those chocolates but if you took every pieces of each type you'll sure get a high bill so BE careful :)

Chocolate Fire
PDCP Building, Corner of Leviste Street & Rufino Street, 
Salcedo Village, Makati, Philippines, 1227
Telephone: +63 920 6058692
Mon-Thurs: 11am-12mn; Fri: 11am-2am; Sat: 4pm-2am; Sun: 4pm-11pm
Price Range per Person: Php 201 – Php 500


Ramon Lee's Panciteria

Ramon Lee’s is your typical Manila panciteria, with dark brown chairs,slow-moving fans, thick glasses and delicious food. 
To most of our parents, this was their comfort food. Many munchers (like me) still come here and reminisce about those days when life was simpler and traffic was nonexistent.

One of the oldest restaurants in Downtown Manila, Ramon Lee serves one of the best Peking Duck style Fried Chicken. This is the most aromatic chicken I've ever smelled served with a sweet-sour sauce. This panciteria has been in existence since 1929.
Ramon Lee's Fine Meal
Ramon lee’s fried chicken, pancit canton, lumpiang shanghai, ramon lee’s fine meals (includes soup, fried rice, fried chicken, pancit canton, plus dessert and drinks.)

This area is truly a dining destination.Worth giving a try ;)
By the way, dito nagshoot si Ate Vi at si Piolo ng eksena nila sa "Dekada 70". :-)

1929 Ramon Lee's Panciteria
Contact: +63 2 7330642
540 Ronquillo St.
Sta. Cruz, Manila
Open 10am - 10pm (Monday-Saturday) & 9am - 10pm (Sunday)


Dirty Mami is Yummy

Squammies are known to be fond of experimenting when it comes to food (Chos). In fact very adventurous, most of their favorite are exotic ones. Others might find it weird or worst, foreigners might say disgusting. These are called street foods. From the word itself, it’s already self explanatory. One of my ultimate favorites is the Dirty Mami..They are also cheap. For just P20 busog na. Or just add P5, with egg pa yan. I love to eat my mami with puto.

Ate preparing my mami, extra HOT please..
bottomless soup

These quickly-prepared mami are sold in a push cart along the streets. Mostly outside the schools or offices. People eat them during snacks or some of them after school or work.
merienda time

It’s a sort of convenient food for Filipinos. Though some of are unhealthy, if you tend to over eat, but a lot of Filipinos still eat them :)


Carinderia Buffet

Everybody is raving about this NEW restaurant in V.Luna Road, Quezon City boasting of an eat-all-u-can buffet for P99.00! Presenting: the CARINDERIA Buffet..

Too good to be true? Too good, but true! 

There were about 50 ulam and dishes divided into six stations to feast on: 

The fried station (various fried fish dishes, lumpiang shanghai, lumpiang togue etc), Salad station (green mango salad, cucumber salad), the Soup station (halaan soup, talaba soup, sinigang);
Main dishes stations (pork pata, various adobo dishes, tinola, bopis etc),and mah paborito the Dessert station (minatamis na saging, maruya, sweet potato, gelatin etc.

I've tasted more fab dishes in other Carinderias --- but for the range of choices, sure winners and the bottomless drinks (you only add P35 to the buffet price of P99), Carinderia Buffet is truly something to rave about.  

My Personal Favorites
Pork Sinigang - I really liked their version
Chicken Tinola
Pork Adobo
Lumpiang Shanghai
Pancit Bihon (heart heart) 

The restaurant clearly offers to stuff my tummy to it's maximum capacity... even so,  I will definitely find an excuse to come back to Eat Session with friends at this soon-to-be-a-really-blockbuster foodplace.Carinderia Buffet (435.91.96) 
31 V.Luna Road corner Mabilis St. Barangay Central, Quezon City


Valentine's Weekend at Tomas Morato: Food Fiesta Non Stop Dance Music

My (unintentional) walking trip along Tomas Morato last Saturday (Feb 12) led me to the street food fiesta that is Banchetto. Sorry if the pictures came out a bit dark, it is a night food fair after all :)

A large portion of the road got closed off as early as 1 pm in preparation for what they called "Banchetto Food Fiesta Non Stop Dance Music" scheduled from 5pm to 12 midnight. Three intersections were impassable to all vehicles - Scout Madrinan, Scout Borromeo and Scout Bayoran. As it was, it's already 1:30 am of February 13, and the crowd were still having a ball.
Banchetto is the Italian word for feast
The smell alone was enough to fill up my big appetite 

Yum Yum

There were lots of food and drinks sold in makeshifts, complete with barbecue grille and different dishes. It was a Valentine's weekend mixed with Fiesta celebration with those performers throwing out popular songs from the 80's. Three bands gave their best to make this event memorable with their performances - Flintstones and The Gang, Route 70 and Rockin' Revival.

Party like a Rockstar :)

Check out this video of a dancing baked tahong vendor..

Kudos to the organizers! Sana maulet :)


Quinta Market

Well, I have my own discoveries you know ;)
Since I was a little girl, which was like a gazillion years ago. I, with my mom and brother, would go and eat palabok and halohalo at Quinta market after hearing the mass at Quiapo church. Sorry Razon's pero nauna ko tong minahal :P For just P25, truly mabubusog ka na.  I enjoy eating palabok with that green puto and pambansang softdrink ng mga squammy: ang RC cola. Sadly, the last time I went there.. di available ang halo halo :( di bale, neks time.

Basta I make sure that every time,  after my "holy moment" in Quiapo church (wag na sanang isiping nagcheck out din ako ng pirated dvds hehe) I still eat my favorite merienda at Quinta market (highly recommended: Pastora's).


in lieu of UST and food tripping

Cely's canteen in V.Concepcion St. (UST Dapitan area) is the place to be.

their rates haven't changed since 2005!

my personal favorite: Chicksilog meal for only P50.
you can't beat that if you're a kolehiyala on a budget.


Food Trip: China Pot

My passion for eating and cooking began early. Growing up in a family where these "fun" activities were, and still are, a very special time to bring everyone together. So guys, warning: EXPECT a  lot of eating, cooking and partying in this blogsite :P

In my constant search for affordable and ultraelectromagnetic-yumminess comes China Pot Restaurant :) Located in the heart of Timog Avenue (near Red Ribbon).

Complete happiness talaga. 'Coz you'll find a wide array of Filipino-Chinese cuisine for as low as P50. 

Definitely going back there! (P.S. wag na choosy since Squammy tayo). :)



The Streets is the place to be for us squammies most especially during afternoon merienda hours.
kudos to Rymuj for putting up this video on YouTube. you saved us the time and effort for producing our own.

(tamang tama, alas-kwatro na. lafang na muna tayo mga squammy!)