Thursday, February 28, 2013

12 Nerdy-Awesome Movie Mashup Posters

Music mashups are old hat these days (sorry Glee, and various deejays)--but movie mashups. There's an idea. You've heard films describes as something meets something a million times over, but this takes it to the next level. Behold the posters:

This just makes me think Zoe Saldana and Robert Downey Jr. should do a movie together. Handsome pair.

But of course!


Maybe my favorite.

No, scratch that, this is everything. PLEASE LOOK AT MR. POTATO HEAD.

Sad, mini-Jason Segel makes it.

Whoa! Hey. My brain isn't ready for this.
 This one wins best tagline: "He's hip, he's slick and he's only 50 years old." 

Jamie and LiLo should do this next Halloween.

Daniel is cautious, but Meg is into it.

Carrie makes a great Alice.

Hey, this one could actually get used.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Best and Worst Moments of the 2013 Oscars

This year's Academy Awards were so insanely long—though, to be fair, aren't they always?—that I won't keep you any longer. Let's get right into it with our best and worst moments of the night! 

Best: Seth MacFarlane: Not the Worst Oscars Host Ever
Unlike his fake Entertainment Weekly headline, I don't think he was the "worst Oscars host ever." Kudos to him for acknowledging that nobody can beat Amy Poehler and Tina Fey as hosts—did you all miss them too?—and yes, I laughed at the "We Saw Your Boobs" song. (I have the humor of a 12-year-old boy. Whatever.) There were some groan-worthy jokes (um, that Lincoln one about John Wilkes Booth...) and the intro was waaaay too long, but overall he was charming and way more interesting and entertaining than Anne Hathaway + James Franco.

Worst: That Jaws Theme Song Send-Off
Rude. Was it supposed to be funny? It just felt terrifying.

Best: The Musical Tribute That Saved the Show
The show was starting to lag when... BOOM! Musical theater! Nothing will save a show like jazz hands. But there were so many things to love: Catherine Zeta-Jones looked FIERCE in the Chicago tribute, Jennifer Hudson brought the house down singing "And I'm Telling You" from Dreamgirls (aka the one and only time Beyonce didn't rule the world).

And the Les Mis tribute was INCREDIBLE!!! There were flags! And Eddie Redmayne! And it sounds like Russell Crowe has been practicing his singing! And I'm sorry to say this, but thank God Anne Hathaway changed her dress, even if it was temporary.

Best: Adele. Need I Say More?
Her performance reminded me why I love the Grammys so much—these musical numbers really break the show up, especially when it's a song and artist as talented as A-freaking-dele. Only downside: was she wearing talon nails? Her winning speech for the Oscar was so cute too: "Love you baby!" Halfway to an EGOT! 

Worst: Can We Go to Bed Now?
I've already mentioned this a million times, but can we please make these things shorter?

Best: Jennifer Lawrence for Best Actress!
I love her so much, it kind of feels like my best friend just won. And she had to go and make it doubly cute by tripping as she walked up. Was that Hugh Jackman that rushed up to help her? I hope so. 

Other Observations:
-I would totally go see a buddy-cop musical starring Daniel Radcliffe and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
-Love that the Brave director wore a kilt: "I didn't plan any of this..."
-Hot guy parade with The Avengers crew. But where was Chris Hemsworth? Ain't no party without Thor.
-Wait, Lucius Malfoy won an Oscar?!?!

-Shew, Shirley Bassey has still got it. As much as I love Adele, I'm glad they didn't bring her out for the Bond tribute. That was Shirley's moment.
-Dumb question, but how did they do that Ted bear presenting the award? Was it CGI or was there a person in there? It just looked so real.
-A TIE for sound editing!? Apparently it's possible, but woah.
-Anne Hathaway's speech sounded slightly rehearsed, but she was totally adorable nonetheless. #LesMisForever
-Streisand looked fantastic, but you already knew that.
-In case you were confused about all of the Chicago references, the producers of the Oscars also produced the movie. So, there you have it.
-Best Moment: Jamie Foxx's confused face during Quentin Tarantino's speech.
-Um, did Meryl scratch her butt when she walked out to present Best Actor? Whatever, we've all been there.
-Who knew Daniel Day-Lewis was so funny? Comedy hour over here.
-What up, Michelle Obama! Best dressed of the night, in my opinion.
-Argo for the win! 

And that's a wrap, folks.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

7 Dreamy Bohemian Braid Hairstyles

We just see so much gorgeous braid inspiration on the red carpet, the runway and on wedding blogs lately. Here are some of my favorite wedding-worthy braids; which would you wear (if any)? 
A braid crown + wispy bangs, as worn by French actress Louise Bourgoin this week
Another version, worn by British actress Kelly Reilly last month--this style has heavier bangs and a fishtail braid
Julianne Hough's cleaner no-bangs no-wisps take on the braid crown
The woodland-fairy braids at the Alice + Olivia show during Fall 2013 Fashion Week
This enchanting braided updo, featured on the blog Style Me Pretty
This romantic flowery braid from the blog Hair and Makeup by Steph
The half-up braid/bun hairstyles from the Fall 2013 Rodarte show

Things Girls Always Do in INDIE Movies But NEVER Do in real life

Cue up your favorite twee tune and visualize your favorite angsty bang-rocking actress: it's time to talk things girls are always doin' in indie movies but never doin' in real life. Well, maybe they do these things in real life sometimes, but I doubt they could get away with 'em all at once.

They love vintage stuff, 'specially quirky props. A sixteen-year-old girl with a pipe? Preposterous!
All of their day jobs are either 1) bartender 2) bookstore employee or 3) office worker in an office where nobody knows the true them.
They never work out, but somehow they're super-skinny. (Also, pants are constantly off, but socks are perpetually on. Why?)

They always know the song/artist/particular lyric the cute guy is talking about. Often they'll even shout it out just when he does, then give a coy little smile. And it doesn't matter what it is, they've got it on vinyl.
And don't think they're listening to it via normal-sized headphones. HELL no.
I don't want to spoil any plot points, but they usually don't love weddings. Any weddings they do have or attend will be a) outdoors b) full of beards c) lit solely by paper lanterns and votives inside mason jars.

Not sure how I got this far without mentioning this, but: they ride bikes.
They attract men by the dozen without ever wearing a bra or washing their hair.
Which is weird--the aversion to hair-washing, I mean--because they definitely don't mind water. If there's rain, they're gonna laugh joyfully (life!) in it.
And if there's a pool, best believe they're going to spontaneously jump into it.
They draw. An indie movie heroine might already be an Artist, but it's more probable that she's just a SECRET artist and it's not until a guy comes over to her apartment, accidentally discovers some sketches ("What are these?" "Nothing!") and pronounces them "reeeeally good" that things start to take off.
And speaking of their apartments: they're always tapestry-strewn and full of whimsy. Now please get out because they need their space. 

They can't do this, OK? They just... can't.

Can You Do The Harlem Shake?

Have you heard of The Harlem Shake? No, not that one. This one. It has officially reached Meme Status™ and is traveling the web with ridiculous speed. It’s so everywhere, that we had to make a list…
Now, without further ado, here’s the the 7 Best Harlem Shake Videos:

The boys of West Point take things out of formation, just for this Internet meme. Seems against protocol…
Can you swim AND do the Shake? Yep.
Even grandma’s getting involved…
…Not to mention T-Pain.
And the crew over at Late Night With Jimmy Fallon made a good one. Hey Questlove!
Catch the dude on crutches? Dedication.
Matt & Kim get the entire audience involved.
And, of course, America’s favorite fake news expert, Jon Stewart, got into the act on The Daily Show.
Oh and another from Big Morning Buzz!

Monday, February 18, 2013

9 Lessons from 9 Inspiring Quotes I Live By

9 Lessons from 9 Inspiring Quotes I Live By

Today I want to share nine inspiring quotes that changed my life.  I’ve listed them below along with supplementary lessons I’ve learned about each one over the years.  I hope they inspire you just as they have inspired me.

1.  Intuition

“At times you have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition.  What you’ll discover will be wonderful.  What you’ll discover is yourself.”  -Alan Alda
Your intuition is a gift.  It is your third eye – a way of seeing with your soul.  Pay attention to what it shows you.  More often than you realize, you have the answers you seek already inside you.  Your unconscious mind is the greatest source of your genius; you just have to pay attention.
Trusting your intuition is trusting your true self, and the more you trust your true self, the more control you have of making your goals and dreams come true.  

2.  Responsibility

“In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves.  The process never ends until we die.  And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.”  -Eleanor Roosevelt
Don’t blame your parents, your friends, your teachers, your boss, or anyone else.  Blame yourself and then do something about it.  If something isn’t right and needs to change in your life, you’re the only one who can make that change.
The trajectory of your life is directly proportional to the strength of your choices.  To say you have no choice is to relieve yourself of all the responsibility and control you have over your life, which is another way of saying, “I don’t care.  I give up.”

3.  Expectation

“Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.”  -Alexander Pope
As you get older you will find that life isn’t necessarily any easier or harder than you thought it was going to be; it’s just that the easy and the hard aren’t exactly the way you had anticipated, and don’t always occur when you expect them to.  This isn’t a bad thing; it makes life interesting.  With a positive attitude you will always be pleasantly surprised.
When you stop expecting things to be a certain way, you can appreciate them for what they are.  Ultimately you will realize that life’s greatest gifts are rarely wrapped the way you expected.  

4.  Small Steps

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”  -Desmond Tutu
All the skills and understanding necessary for achievement will not be fully available to you when you first start a new endeavor.  But once you start, you will build the necessary skills and understanding as you need them.
Do not overwhelm yourself by thinking about the entire project.  Instead, focus on the one particular action step you can take right now.  Give your best to the task at hand.  Build what you can with what you have, and as you acquire additional resources, build upon what you have already built.  

5.  Questions vs. Answers

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.”  -Voltaire
Life is filled with unanswered questions, but it is the courage to ask enough of the right ones that ultimately leads you to an understanding of yourself and your purpose.
You can spend your life wallowing in sorrow by asking negative questions like, “Why me?”  Or you can or you can be grateful that you survived – that you’re still strong enough to breathe, walk and think for yourself – and then ask, “Where do I want to go next?”

6.  Focus

“Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what it is you want.  No one can hit their target with their eyes closed.”  -Paulo Coelho
Raindrops falling gently over a wide, sprawling area will always yield to the obstructions present in the landscape.  Yet when these raindrops are concentrated into the mighty force of a river, they have the power to cut through nearly any obstruction imaginable.
In the same way, when your thoughts, feelings and actions are concentrated on a clear and consistent purpose, nothing can hold you back.  The roadblocks standing in your way are no match for your focused, unwavering purpose.  Give your life a decided advantage over all the obstacles you encounter by living each moment in the service of a meaningful purpose.

7.  Relationships

“Indifference and neglect often do much more damage than outright dislike.”  -J.K. Rowling
When it comes to relationships, be careful not to continuously doubt the positives and ignore the negatives.  You likely do this more often than you think.  For instance, you will say to your partner dozens of times:  Do you really love me?  Are you sure?  And ask similar questions that doubt the existence of their love.  But you will rarely ask:  Does this upset you?  Are you sure?  And similar questions that have the potential to resolve conflict before it starts.
This imbalance creates tension on both sides of the equation.  The positive things become more burdensome while the negatives fester in the background, unresolved.  Bottom line:  Have faith in the positives as you work on turning the negatives around.  

8.  Humility

“On the highest throne in the world, we still sit only on our own bottom.”  -Michel de Montaigne
If you become impressed with your own importance, you will cease to be impressive regardless of how successful you are.  Anyone who must announce that they are great rarely is.
True greatness and admiration is earned when you spend your time listening and learning rather than boasting and preening.  Let go of the need to be better than anyone else.  Humility is a virtue that will carry you far.  When you free yourself from the crushing demands of your ego, you free yourself to be your very best.

9.  Life Experience

“Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment.”  -Rita Mae Brown
Experience is what you get when your plans don’t go as planned, and experience is the most valuable commodity you own – it builds your strength.
You have the power to turn your wounds and worries into wisdom; you just have to do something about them.  You have to accept what has happened and use what you’ve learned to step forward.  Everything you’ve experienced has given you the upper hand for dealing with everything you have yet to experience.  

Realize this and set yourself free.

You Definitely Need to Watch This Video of Single Cats Spending Valentine's Day

I barely even like cats, but when a video combines a bunch of adorable ones with hilarious interpretations of the various behaviors of single people on Valentine's Day..  I think you'll agree, so watch this video I spotted over at the always delightful Buzzfeed this morning:

The cat who's "wondering where it all went wrong" basically made it impossible for me to feel even an ounce of sadness today. So good. I want to watch it again right meow.

The 12 Most-Viewed Marriage Proposal Videos Ever

A love for marriage proposal videos isn't something one has to "admit" around here as if it were a guilty secret--it's something she should embrace. We certainly do. These videos have garnered the most-ever gather-'round-the-computer moments on YouTube, so you know they're must-watch. How many have you seen?

First up, Matt Still's proposal to his girlfriend Ginny. He created a mock trailer for his fictional movie, Making the Movies Jealous, which screened as she waited for her movie to start. No words.

Remember Isaac’s live lip-dub proposal that went viral last summer? It took 60-plus people to carry out this impressive choreographed performance!

This guy almost gave his girlfriend a heart-attack by pretending to fall off a building right as he was about to propose. Um, talk about scary—yet, oddly romantic.

What's the key to making an awesome marriage proposal video? Dancing! Lots of dancing.

Just imagine for a moment, getting proposed to musical-style in Disneyland. Now press play for a laugh.

With the help of his basic training graduating class, this military boyfriend proposes to his girlfriend in front of friends and family.

Scaring your S.O. into thinking there’s an emergency might be the next big thing in marriage proposals.

You KNOW it’s good when a surprise marriage proposal is made in a totally different country.

An orchestrated marriage proposal in New York's Madison Square Park.

With the help of Flash Mob of America, Trang proposes to his girlfriend Nam on the campus of UCLA—the very place where they first met.

YouTube vlogger Mystery Guitar Man proposes to his girlfriend by screening a super realistic mock movie trailer in a movie theater. This is totally better than Scott Pilgrim (the movie his GF thought they were about to watch)!

Super-adorable video aside—can you believe this proposal was six years in the making? That’s dedication.

Your Guide to Indie Valentine's Day Movies

I've got a great list of indies for you to try that are guaranteed to cure the over-indulgence of schmaltz—with or without a heart-shaped box of chocolates.

Before Sunrise and Before Sunset Double Feature

Hot off the premiere of Before Midnight at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, we can’t help but recommend the two prior films in the series. The intelligent romance of Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) is completely accessible. Empty of sweeping moments, musical numbers, or epic battles to win the love of a damsel in distress, the film’s heart relies on the connection and conversations had by these two lovers. Their story is better than perfect—it’s realistic.

Monsoon Wedding
Almost every girl dreams of having the perfect wedding. And as we see in Mira Nair’s celebratory tale of an arranged marriage in modern India, the lives of the entire Verma household are turned upside down by the pending nuptials. From the wonderfully sweet story to the beautiful, bold colors of the wedding itself, you can’t help but feel like dancing a bhangra in your living room.


The jungle that is the New York dating scene comes to life in this romantic comedy. Just when you think the city is full of strangers, you see how interconnected people’s love lives are. Graham (writer/director Alexander Poe) and his ex, Kate (Dexter’s Jennifer Carpenter) are still friends, and he’s still in love with his other ex, Laura (Kristen Connolly). He tries to rekindle the romance with the now taken Laura, but he finds that getting back together with her is more than complicated than he expected. Just when we think our own dating lives are baffling, a movie romance comes along that can sympathize.

(500) Days of Summer
Uniting indie darlings Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Tom) and Zooey Deschanel (Summer), this movie tells you from the very beginning “this is a story of boy meets girl, but you should know upfront, this is not a love story.” Yet, you just can’t help but get caught up rooting for their romantic success. Despite their inevitable ending (Don’t worry, we won’t tell you how), this movie makes even the biggest romantic cynic convert to true believer: New romance can blossom anywhere—even at an IKEA.

Like Crazy
Young love always feels so permanent and flawless in today’s genre of teen romance films. But when reflecting upon our own life-changing loves, Like Crazy helps us reminisce the bliss as well as the heartbreak we’ve all experienced. Here, British exchange student Anna (Felicity Jones) and her American paramour (Anton Yelchin) find themselves in a transatlantic romance after she overstays her visa and gets banned from entering the U.S. Their emotions are so palpable you may find yourself in need of a second box of tissues by the end.

The Pill
Cheating is always wrong. Regardless, we found ourselves rooting for Fred (Noah Bean) to end up with “the other woman,” Mindy (Rachel Boston), after a one-night stand. Finding himself in a loveless relationship with Nelly (Anna Chlumsky), he makes a drunken error in judgment when he sleeps with Mindy. Worried he has gotten Mindy pregnant, Fred spends the entire next day feigning interest in her to make sure she takes the morning after pill. What he doesn’t expect is to fall in love with her. Despite the heaviness of their introduction, the characters’ story reminds us that sometimes the right person comes along at the wrong time—and in the most bizarre of circumstances.  

The Disney Prince Hotness Ranking

Someday my prince will come: Let's hope he's not one of the lame ones.

10. John Smith ("Pocahontas")

Sure, he has nice bone structure, but that's about all John Smith can offer. He's part of the group of settlers destined to completely screw over the Native Americans, including his beloved Pocahontas. No matter how much Disney flubs the story, Pocahontas still includes the song "Savages." Plus, John Smith is voiced by Mel Gibson, which—while once a point in his favor—has become a mark of shame.

9. The Prince ("Snow White")

Snow White's Prince is so boring, he doesn't even get a name. His best quality is that he's rather pretty, which actually kind of works against him. The Prince might very well be too pretty: You're doing something wrong when your lips are redder than Snow White's. (Hers are red as blood!) In fact, put a Snow White wig on him and they're basically identical.

8. Prince Charming ("Cinderella")

Another generic, nameless prince. (Please, "Charming" hardly counts.) The only reason Cinderella's prince ranks higher than Snow White's is his jawline. I also dig his tan — it looks like he just got back from fox hunting, or whatever it is princes do — and his epaulets. Way more stylish than Snow White's prince, with his weird poofy sleeves.

7. Prince Phillip ("Sleeping Beauty")

Now we're making some strides toward an actual personality. Prince Phillip is a total cutie, and he's also more proactive than Snow White's or Cinderella's princes — those jerks just sing a lot. Despite the inherently creepy element of Sleeping Beauty (he has to kiss an unconscious princess), Phillip is just charming enough to best the other old-school Disney competition.

6. Li Shang ("Mulan")

Li Shang is definitely handsome, though personally I prefer a man with fewer muscles. Unfortunately, he's also kind of a chauvinist. I get that he's a product of his time, but "I'll Make a Man Out of You"? Please. Also, minor deduction for sounding like the great B.D. Wong when he speaks—then opening his mouth and singing as Donnie Osmond.

5. The Beast/Prince Adam ("Beauty and the Beast")
Ah, yes, the weird creature that made us all think, "I'm not a furry, but now I totally get it." The Beast transforms from domineering brute to snuggly sweetheart. Frankly, he'd be higher on the list, but unfortunately his true form, Prince Adam, is just too bland and beefcake-y. Sorry, prince: You were way hotter when you were covered in a thick coat of hair.

4. Flynn Rider ("Tangled")

Let's talk about what's working and what's not working. The hair flip, the eyebrows—very sexy. Flynn Rider is a prince with a little edge, and I dig that. What doesn't work is that he's a thief, a valid career choice but not for the man you're going to settle down with. Also, Flynn is CGI. I can't help it: I'm biased toward the classic style. Computers can make anyone look sexy; I'm more impressed when you draw a hunk.

3. Prince Naveen ("The Princess and the Frog")

Even though he spends much of his film as a frog, Prince Naveen leaves a lasting impression as one of the most handsome and interesting Disney princes. In addition to being one of the few princes of color on the list, he's also got a delightful accent and real musical talent. OK, he's kind of a cad, but that just means Princess Tiana has more to do. (She's the best princess, by the way.)

2. Prince Eric ("The Little Mermaid")
Hunk alert! Prince Eric—with his big blue eyes, jet-black hair, and incredibly expressive eyebrows—is arguably the most attractive prince on the list. If you're a straight woman or gay man, and you didn't have a crush on Prince Eric at some point, you're either lying or in denial. He's sweet. He's romantic. He loves dogs. I'd give up my fins to be with him.

1. Aladdin/Prince Ali ("Aladdin")

Yes, he looks a lot like Prince Eric. But if you have to choose between two handsome dark-haired Disney princes, go for the one with a little more personality. That would be Aladdin, who is kind of a cad but mostly just trying to make the best of his crappy lot in life. And hey, if you care about material goods, he does come with a flying carpet. Sure, he's often dirty and he might have fleas. Still, I think he's rather tasty.

Who is your favorite Disney prince?

Rom-Com Movie Quotes I Love

I just love romantic comedies — whether I'm getting breakup advice from them or just listing my favorites by decade—just couldn't help feeling lovey-dovey with these rom-com quotes.

 What is your fave romantic comedy quote? :D Spread the love guys ;)