Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tom Taus is now a DJ at Hollywood

tom taus-childstar-now-hollywood dj
Filipino twitter peeps got tired of James Soriano and quickly moved on to Tom Taus who trends in twitter for being a DJ in Hollywood. Not bad for Tom who’s doing quite well. While Tom decides to shy away from acting, I think he still has knack for acting unlike some other pinoy actors who acts like a dead stiff wood despite several years in showbiz.

LOS ANGELES, California – Former Philippine child star Tom Taus is making a name for himself in Hollywood as a DJ.Taus started out in show business as a child star in ABS-CBN’s “Ang TV.”
He continued acting in movies like “Cedie” and “Anak ng Bulkan” until he moved to the United States at age 13. At 25 years old, Taus is now known as “DJ Tommy T” to Los Angeles club crowd.
“I guess I just wanted a change. I wanted to experience something new in my life, go to a different country, be somebody totally different,” said Taus. For the past 5 years, Taus has been working on his craft as a DJ through various gigs inHollywood. Taus said he has fond memories of his child star days, but has no plans to return to acting.

Presenting.. the CUTEST CARROT

How could ANYONE eat him? He’s so depressed!! He’s like a real man trapped in a tiny carrot body. And only in England would this carrot not only be saved, but be celebrated.

Cute carrot close-up ahead. My only criticism… no arms. 

Aww he’s cute. I’d still eat him though with a side of hummies. (Hummus.)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Glee Cast Dresses Fancy, Saves The World!

Vogue Editrix Anna Wintour has a charity-type thing called Fashion’s Night Out in which people are encouraged to shop after hours (and drink alcohol ON THE PREMISES), and this year, the cast of Glee has been tapped to act as the headlining celebz!

Does This Look Like A Couple Breaking Up?

This week, the Earth shook. Literally. AND LITERALLY, as rumor began spreading that Hollywood Mega-couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith were splitting up. Their camp denied the claim, while other rumors are saying that it was singing sensation Marc Anthony who got between the two. 

Well according to the Smith Camp, things are fine. So fine, in fact, that they’ve hired a legal team to get to the root of this split rumor. But no need to sue me, W&J, because everybody knew all along these break-up rumors were fake. 

And here are the reasons why:)


DRAGNETO: It was never an option

Sometimes it's just the little things in life and today's little thing in life is seeing Michael Fassbender as the drag baby of Miss Coco Peru and Edina Monsoon in a cut scene from X-Men: First Class. In the deleted scene, Professor X shows Zoe Kravitz that he has mutant powers by turning Magneto into a boots-wearing Dragneto in a Ginger Grant wig :P

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Warning: Immediately after watching this video,You Will Go Gay

The Lifelike Prince William & Duchess Kate Dolls

British toy store Hamleys reached into the depths of Team America hell and pulled out these terrifying dolls of Prince William and Duchess Kate. They nailed it! The Prince William doll looks like a nutcracker that can crack a walnut without even opening its mouth gate of big ass teefs. Just put a nut up to that doll and it will crack itself. That Kate Middleton doll would just stare at you with those raccoon eyes all night and waitwaitwaitwaitwait until you finally scream out, "Okay, I'll effin' marry you! You win!"

The 10 ACTUAL Worst Things To Put In Your Cover Letter

Unemployed? FUNemployed? Just out of college and looking for work? Here’s some help – The Wall Street Journal’s Fins Finance website just put together this resume-helping list of The Ten Worst Things To Put In Your Cover Letter, including employer turnoffs like “Personal Stories,” “Irrelevant Experience,” and “Wrong Company Info,” among others. The list is moderately informative, but the title is badly exaggerated — there are clearly WAY worse things than “Personal Stories” that a person could put in a cover letter.

To offer some more help in these tough economic times, here’s a more comprehensive list of the 10 ACTUAL Worst Things To Put In Your Cover Letter. Happy employment!

1. Panther Death Threats
Threatening your prospective employer with a panther mauling may seem like an assertive, near-foolproof cover letter strategy, but research shows that it only increases your chances of getting hired by a marginal 6.7%, while it increases your chances of getting mauled by your own contracted panther by a far more significant 90,000% Don’t take the risk – keep that cover letter like a crappy zoo: panther-free.

2. Game Of Thrones Spoilers
It can be hard to resist the temptation to bring up HBO’s Game Of Thrones in every sentence you’re writing to a potential employer, but you simply have no way of knowing which episode of Game Of Thrones they’re on, or if they’ve even started watching it. Do you really want your first interaction with your potential boss to be you ruining the scene where Bran Stark’s direwolf goes down on that hot manticore? I’ll field that one: Game of NOes.

3. Giant Racial Slurs In All-Caps
This one should be self-evident, but you’d be surprised how often employers receive cover letters that include huge racial slurs inserted randomly throughout the information, usually illuminated like the letters in old sacred texts. This happens in over 30% of all coverletters (rounded down!) The only N-Word you should be thinking about is “No, don’t do this!”

4. Thinking Man Clipart
Everyone loves Clip art, right? NAY! Using tons of ‘Thinking Man’ Clip art may spruce up your boring cover letter and help you stand out, but it’ll also make you appear indecisive and human-featureless. So remember: Don’t THINK, DO Think About Not Doing This!

5. The Rough Draft Lyrics To Your Business Rap
Yo, yo yo, yo, check it –
My name is Squammy and I’m here to say,
I’m coverin’ this letter in a MAJOR way
Got so much education and experience
Shawty can’t fit it under a 10 foot Clear-e-ance,
I’m talkin bout one of those bridges yo,
But I digress and I gots to go!
So gimme this job and you won’t be sorry,
I’ll win this job like I win at Sorry!
I mean, this is kind of a poor example because this rap is great and it’ll definitely get you hired, but I’m assuming that your rap will be way worse so you shouldn’t include it.

6. Just A Scarface Poster
Scarface is great because it shows initiative and the employer will think the world is yours, but if you submit ONLY a Scarface poster they will not know your name or how to contact you for your instant job.

7. Harry Potter Erotic Fanfiction
We all know the Three T’s of Cover lettering: Tell, Titillate, Tremendous Success. But “Titillate” does not mean titillate with imaginary sex stories, particularly when you run the risk of your employer being unfamiliar with the Harry Potter series and thus merely perplexing him with terms like “Ron Weasley” or “French Tickler Spell”. Here’s a much easier “T” to remember: “Tom, if that is your name, don’t do this.”

8. Scratch And Sniff Stickers
Scratch and sniff stickers, while amusing and delicious, will hurt your cover letter twofold: 1) Your employer will likely pay more attention to sniffing the stickers than to your qualifications, and as we all know, “Qualifications = QUALITYfications”, and 2) Your employer will think you are a child. Who wants to hire a child?

9. A Mix
“Yo John Cusack, you can’t make a chick a mix til date three!!!” – That’s a line that isn’t in the movie High Fidelty. But it is very good advice when it comes to cover letters — do not try to slip your prospective employer a mix to showcase your broad range of musical interests. And YES, before you ask this screen you’re looking at, that rule applies to mixes where every song corresponds to one of your defining traits (e.g., Rush’s “Working Man” followed by BTO’s “Taking Care Of Business” followed by “We Didn’t Start The Fire” (cause you’re good at not starting fires). Don’t MIX it up – keep it separated!*

(*This was not an endorsement to make a mix with “Keep Em Separated” on it — sorry for the confusing advice!)

10. One Million Penises

Come on, you can’t do this. It’s not the 90s anymore, bub! GET WITH THE TIMES.

The Lion King Bloopers You’ve Always Wanted

We can all probably agree that one thing we’re still missing from the experience of bearing witness to one of the best things Disney has ever created is the BLOOPERS AND OUTTAKES. That’s just something we always want to see. For many, we seriously appreciated when Dick Clark would gather the best clips of Candice Bergen flubbing lines of Murphy Brown. For others, it started when we stayed for the credits of Toy Story.
And now, FINALLY: bloopers and outtakes from The Lion King (well, technically, The Lion King 3D, which comes out next month, so GOOD JOB AT VIRAL MARKETING BECAUSE THIS IS THE BEST).

What Would David Beckham Look Like In A Diaper?

He’s one of the world’s most beloved athletes. He’s a smoldering heartthrob with a fashion-forward approach to life that has seen him marry another equally chic and opulent celebrity, Posh Spice Victoria Beckham. He’s been the face of ad campaigns, video games, and is credited for being the world’s most famous “Metrosexual.” The philanthropist and father of four is an international superstar, and can be credited for popularizing soccer on a global scale.
And now, here’s a picture of what David Beckham would look like in a diaper:

Have you seen Joey Lawrence lately?

Here’s an impression of his t-shirt in that pic:
Meanwhlie, his hat is like:
I think there need to be an open conversation about the appropriate depth and width of a man’s v-neck shirt. Now Joey is obviously in tip top shape, from his feet to the very top of his straw fedora cap. And his autograph arms like like busting out of his golden skin. But when a man’s t-shirt has been cut from the same pattern as J-Lo’s Grammy dress, something is slightly amiss. 

UPDATE: Twitter user MGMars said: “I’m getting a much more THIS SONG vibe from Mr. Lawrence’s headgear…”
Best thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

TINY FUPPETS: Like Muppets, But Fuppets. And Tiny.

Who are the Tiny Fuppets? They’re like muppets, only fuppets, and Spanish Portuguese. How to describe them? Well hmm. They’re tiny. Really tiny. They’re the Muppet Babies, if the Muppet Babies were on a Mexican Brazilian cable access channel. 

But really, do we ever think of the plight of these Tiny Fuppets? I mean, they’re so tiny. Poor Fuppets. Poor Little Fuppets. I mean Kermot is so tiny, he can’t even wear dog clothes, as you will soon learn via the helpful subtitles.

There really isn’t anything more I can tell you about this video.. Enjoy :P

Monday, August 22, 2011

When Emma Stone Was In The Partridge Family

Seven a thousand years ago, Emma Stone was Emily Stone, a hopeful contestant on In Search of The Partridge Family. She won! She was named the new Laurie Partridge for a revival of the show that actually never happened. Them’s the breaks or whatever.

It’s okay. She’s done pretty well for herself since then. She got to touch Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love, was in this past weekend’s hit, The Help, and will be playing Gwen Stacy in the next iteration of Spider-Man. So she’s rich, famous, gorgeous, and likable. Which is why her initial foray into reality television apparently didn’t scar her for life, but then again, we still haven’t seen her show up on Survivor yet. Hey, it could happen.

WOMB RAIDER: Ryan Gosling Sings

The information I am about to share with some of you might not be news. But it is news to me. And so, I am writing about it, in the hopes that I am not the last person on the planet to see this.

Ryan Gosling is in a band. It’s called Dead Man’s Bones. He performs under the alias Baby Goose.
Now his first album came out in 2009, meaning I’m woefully two years behind on this news. Then I thought, wait. If I hadn’t heard of this band, there must be thousands of other people out there living their life in the dark about the fact that Ryan Gosling’s singing voice sounds like liquidy chocolate velvet being stirred by the ghost of Paul Robeson

Dead Man’s Bones is made up of Gosling and his pal Zach Shields. They’re a couple of guys obsessed with ghosts (seriously) who decided to make a band where they sing love songs about ghosts. *ROMANCE* They play all the instruments on the album, and for their first effort, they were accompanied by the Silverlake Conservatory Children’s Choir. Yes, that’s the children’s choir started by FLEA. You will recognize them in this music video as the “coolest kids you will ever lay eyes on.” No, really, they’re like hipster spawn sent back from the future to sound like little back-up angels.

Long story short: What else is there to say? Clutch the closest thing to you that looks like a baby goose (I grabbed this), clutch it to your bosom and enjoy…

35 Hollywood Celebs Who Were "Already Gorgeous" In High School

For some, high school is a nightmare, a time filled with anxiety, dread, and the unyielding awkwardness that is adolescent skin care. For others, it was the best time of their lives and then they became townies, got jobs at banks, and seemingly lost any and all ambition to do something else, at least that’s what their Facebook walls suggest, and it makes you depressed.
For celebrities, however, it was probably a magical time. Why? Because celebrities are beautiful, perfect specimens who are geniuses. Maybe not everybody, but for a lot of famous people, they were basically good to go as soon as they made the seamless transition from child to small adult who was already attractive and would be just fine for the rest of their lives.
Here are 35 of those Hollywood celebrities, all of whom were already f*cking gorgeous in high school, which is annoying.. :P
35. Courtney Cox
34. Beyonce
33. Chelsea Handler
32. Robert Downey, Jr.
31. Charlize Theron
30. Sharon Stone
29. Fergie
28. Tom Cruise
27. Julianne Moore
26. Diane Sawyer
25. Enrique Igelisias
24. Rachel McAdams
23. Michael Stipe
22. Amy Adams
21. Geena Davis
20. George Clooney
19. Cameron Diaz
18. Katy Perry
17. Teri Hatcher
16. Katie Couric
15. Brad Pitt
14. Lauryn Hill
13. Demi Moore
12. Chase Crawford
11. Halle Berry
10. Rob Lowe
9. Jessica Simpson
8. Michelle Pfeiffer
7. Matthew McConaughey
6. Taylor Lautner
5. Meryl Streep
4. Harrison Ford
3. Gwen Stefani
2. Megan Fox
1. Jon Hamm