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Chris Brown Dyes His Hair Blue … React?

Chris Brown Dyes Hair Blue

So, this picture of Chris Brown with a bright blue new ‘do did the rounds over the last few hours. He originally released it on his Instagram account but took it off, for some strange reason. You can see disappointed fans asking why he did that on the last picture on the page as well, requesting him to put it back up. His fan Twitter account, ChrisBrownnation still has the picture.But seriously, do you like it? Should he keep it for some time?

[Photo via Twitter]

Find The Best Guy For You Based On Your Job

Opposites attract: only relevant to personalities (and magnets, obvs)? Or does the same hold true for occupations of people who date?
eHarmony conducted a study of online dating and communication patterns to determine if your occupation might be affecting your life life. It turns out, opposities do seem to attract as far as communication goes. People are more likely to talk to members of the opposite sex who do something different from themselves. For instance:
  • Female business executives have are most likely to communicate with men who are barbers or hair stylists. Perhaps a home blowout would fit into their busy schedules.
  • Women who consider themselves “stay at home” talk most to men who are dentists.
  • Unemployed guys have the highest rate of communication with lady personal trainers. (Perhaps they've put on a few pounds while unemployed?)
  • Female doctors are into talking to male bankers.
  • Male soldiers talk most with women who work in middle management white collar jobs.
But taking it beyond talking (because is there anything worse than a guy who endless emails but never asks you out?), they also looked to see which professionals are actually making it beyond the chat phase to actually go out on dates. By occupation, matches are most likely to go on a date if: He's a/She's a…
Business executive/Mid-level white collar worker
Marketer/Mid-level white collar worker
Analyst/Mid-level white collar worker
Engineer/Mid-level white collar worker

And matches are least likely to date if:

He's a/She's a…
Unskilled tradesmen/Nurse
Retired/Administrative assistant
Unskilled tradesmen/Mid-level white collar worker
Unskilled tradesmen/Administrative assistant
Banker/Administrative assistant

Are you surprised by any of these pairings? And if profession doesn't matter to you, don't just these professions too much (they're the pickiest, but they prefer "particular" rather than "snobby"):


Have You Ever Made a Sex To-Do List?

CBS Films released a sneak-peak preview for their new sex comedy, The To-Do List, starring non-other than Parks and Recreation funny gal Aubrey Plaza. 

But the trailer got me thinking... what a good idea! While I probably wouldn't make one on my own, it is fun to set sex goals with a partner of new positions, locations, or other fun things we want to incorporate. It's a great way to give yourself something to look forward to and keep you from going back to the same routine. 

Marc Jacobs Wants To See Your Embarrassing School Picture

Fess up, fellow Slaves to Fashion: Somewhere, tucked away in the back of a drawer or up in your parents' attic, is a school portrait that indelibly captured your Belinda Carlisle phase, your love of drop-crotch plaid pants, or that time you got up at 6am to crimp your hair like all the cool girls were doing...and Marc Jacobs wants to reward you for it.


Their "Back to Cool" photo contest seeks incriminating photos of you and your friends at your most awkward--see a few of the above examples that look like submissions to the Bad Hair Hall of Fame--and will reward you for your efforts. The person with the funniest school portrait will win a Marc Jacobs backpack stuffed with goodies, so tag your tweets with #backtocool or email your photo to

How Ecstatic Would You Be If Jennie Garth and Luke Perry Were Dating?

I was obsessed with Beverly Hills, 90210. I worshiped the relationship between Brenda and Dylan, praying one day I would find my own bad boy. And yes, for a while, I was really disappointed in Dylan for dumping Bren for her best friend Kelly. But I got over it and somewhere between prom and David and Donna's wedding--I realized Kelly and Dylan were soul mates.
And maybe, deep down, there was always a tiny part of me that wanted to believe that Dylan and Kelly existed off-camera. Their chemistry was too good for them to waste. But Jennie Garth went on to marry Peter Facinelli and Luke Perry was married to the mother of his children, Minnie Sharp. But now, both are single and this little Old Navy commercial reminded Beverly Hills, 90210 fans everywhere why we loved this couple so . . .

And apparently, it reminded Luke and Jennie that hey, maybe there was something to that whole on-screen chemistry thing! Get ready, because you're gonna squeal. According to the NY Post, the pair fell in love on the set of the commercial. Luke and Jennie were basically in their own little world, talking like no one else was there.
UM, could this be!?!
The inner teenager in me wants to believe that there was no way they faked the love and chemistry in their most intimate 90210 scenes (especially since it was forbidden love at first):

Because when Dylan and Kelly finally decided they had to be together? Even if you were on Team Brenda, you couldn't deny that Kelly and Dylan were the real deal, as much as it sucked to admit it at first!

I mean, come on, you see they really do love each other so much . . .

Even when they had their struggles, the love and support just shined through . . .

Because through it all, they knew they were soul mates!

So, has my inner 90210 fan gotten WAY ahead of herself or do you want to see Kelly Jennie and Dylan Luke together for real?
There's one person who may not love this news. Yup, Brenda Walsh Shannen Doherty herself revealed to Obsessed back in May that she never agreed with the Brenda/Dylan/Kelly love triangle. She was and still is staunchly on Team Brenda!
Did you ever think there was a glimmer of a real relationship while watching Jennie and Luke on 90210? Or are you Team Brenda too?

Banish those Undereye Bags & Dark Circles

If you woke up this morning with tired-looking eyes, here's a quick fix you may not have considered--and it's in your kitchen right now...

In a piece about foods that promote great skin on, I found this nugget of wisdom for the scourge of undereye bags and dark circles:
"Dark under-eye circles can make you look like the Crypt Keeper—not cute. But the vitamin C in oranges banishes bags. It strengthens collagen, the skin's supportive structure, to lift sunken areas that create shadows."
Yes! I've been low on citrus lately, so I'm going to boost my intake and see how it helps blast these dark circles (and, um, I'm also going to try to get to bed earlier, too!).

Once in a Blue Moon..

The Blue Moon in August brings to mind the frequently asked questions about the cosmic event. Along with the questions come tales of love and deadly tragedies, and this is the case every two or three years, when there is an extra full moon in a year.
Does the moon turn blue? To the naked eye, yes. But it does not have to be a blue moon on the calendar for this to happen. Confused, already?
There's more: For a long time, the blue moon has been referred to as the extra full moon in a month. Scientists have corrected the misunderstanding, which was a result of a July 1943 Sky & Telescope feature.

To help set the record on Blue Moon, has illustrated a brief explanation. explains 'Blue Moon'

Apparently, one has to look narrower into a season (spring, summer, fall, winter) instead of a year. A season is supposed to have only three full moons. In the olden days, there is a name for each full moon, and the last full moon in a season is called the Late Moon. The extra full moon in a season is called Blue Moon. It comes third in a season, such that the last full moon will still be called Late Moon.

Now how did the blue moon get entangled with love and tragedies? Verbal stories told over time have influenced creative people, making films and songs of the blue moon. As for tragedies, the mood can appear to be blue before the naked eye after blazing catastrophes like wildfires and volcano eruptions.

The romance in a blue moon
The Blue Moon occurs once every two to three years. Combine the element of rarity to the cosmic enigma of the moon and you have got something special for the romantics.
In some cultures, it is believed that the person you spend the Blue Moon with will be the love that lasts forever. Hence, an agricultural marker for farmers hundreds of years ago has become a couple's charm.
Film producers have worked on films relating a blue moon to a love story. The Philippines and Hong Kong produced such films in 2006 and 2008, respectively. An Austrian movie called "Blue Moon" was produced in 2002. A romantic song has also been written about this rare lunar event.
Blue moon in tragedies
The extra-full-moon-in-a-season does not typically turn blue. However, the moon has been seen in blue hue a couple of times in recorded history.
Forest fires or volcanic eruptions can paint the moon blue or light lavender, at least to the naked eye. When burnt particles like soot and ash get deposited high in the Earth's atmosphere, the moon appears bluish.
Canada has seen a blue moon in late September 1950 after a widespread forest fire. More recently, the massive eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines in June 1991 was followed by reports of sighting a blue moon (and a blue sun).
In August, the first full moon (the Blue Moon) will show on August 1. The traditional Late Moon will appear on August 31. 

Would you let your romantic or domestic plans be affected by the lunar phases?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Reach For the Stars" of the Black Eyed Peas definitely debuted a song, the aptly-titled "Reach For the Stars" from MARS yesterday. Say what?! Oh, yes, my darlings, he did!

The interplanetary broadcast was made possible thanks to a collaboration with NASA and their Mars rover, Curiosity.

Even more incredible: the premiere happened after a 330-million-mile round trip from Earth to Mars and back again. AND! It's for's ongoing efforts to raise the value of science education for young students.

With that said, "Reach For the Stars" sounds as epic as you might imagine: "Why do they say the sky is the limit when I've seen the footprints on the moon," he sings in a crisp Auto-tuned falsetto over a padded string arrangement. And perhaps most interesting about the song is that it shoots beyond the stars with dramatic horns, drumrolls, and chanted choruses befitting a Hollywood soundtrack; it never veers into his usual four-to-the-floor breakbeat territory. I love it! It's off his upcoming #willpower LP, out October 15. Below!

Pitch Perfect

Ahh! My excitement for Pitch Perfect is at an all-time high. And this new clip is just icing on the already super-sweet cake.

Here's a Cute Video for Ya--Puppy Vs. Mirror!

Behold, Puppy vs. Puppy:

Things GUYS Always Do in Movies and Never Do in Real Life

Though I suspect that the male gender's collective pulse doesn't get too heated over being represented right in chick flicks, I think we, as lifelong fans of men, can safely say there's some stuff they just. Don't. Do.

Without further ado... here are some things I've pretty much only seen two-dimensional men do.

Have access to their apartment building roof and a no-shame flair for twinkle-light stringing.
Give each other tips on dancing, flirting, and kissing.
Make denying that love even exists their "thing."
Make bets that involve convincing women to fall in love with them.
This conceit involves many things men aren't fans of: making women angry, apologizing, losing bets, large restaurant bills, and above all, extra effort.
Have Buddha-like patience when the woman they love does something all-out crazy, such as throwing food around your apartment and turning up your stereo for no good reason.
Get over being cheated on superfast--especially in high-stakes scenarios.
With all due respect to The Wedding Date, a guy going through with the wedding when he's learned about infidelity during the prelude music? I kinda doubt it.
Fall in love with women wearing masks.
I mean, masks just make people uncomfortable. Nine guys out of ten choose the woman not wearing a mask every time. Because MASKS ARE WEIRD. So don't let Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray trip you up. It's not a good idea to wear a mask.
Wait for women for hours on their doorstep.
A simple "u home?" text usually clears things up nicely.
Run after women.
Run after women through airports.
This one's just prohibited by law.
Let girls make a whole speech in the doorway, then open the door to reveal the other girl they're making out with.
I don't think it's that hard. Either come outside right away, or don't open the door at all.
Remember special dates and return to special places per the terms of an agreement forged years ago on one magical night.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Real-life Sleeping Beauty

Ukranian-Canadian artist Taras Polataiko's Sleeping Beauty installation in the National Art Museum of Ukraine :)

Like something out of a Scientology marriage ritual ceremony, unmarried dudes who are 18 or over can  go to the National Art Museum of the Ukraine and sign a contract that binds them to marry the "Sleeping Beauty" if she opens her eyes after he kisses her on the lips.

Taras tells The Daily Telegraph that until September 9th, wannabe Prince Charmings (or creepy ass perverts who just want to put their lips on the lips of a real-life human woman who isn't a Real Doll aka every dude in this clip) must sign a contract confirming that their unmarried asses are at least 18 years old and that they will legally marry Sleeping Beauty if she opens her eyes. Each Sleeping Beauty, they rotate, signs the same contract. Taras says this mess of an art piece isn't a joke and it a very serious matter, because a legal marriage is involved! Yes, marriage is a serious matter.

Check Out The Online Dating Profiles of Superman and Wonder Woman! (Did You Know They're a Thing Now?)

I don't know if you guys heard, but America has a new power couple--Superman and Wonder Woman are officially an item. In honor of the occasion, we've got some information on their relationship plus some superhero statistics on love and kissing.
Yep, that’s right. Sorry Lois Lane, Superman’s got a new ladyfriend. Their first kiss will be featured in Justice League #12 tomorrow, and in honor of the pairing, teamed up with DC Comics to provide some background information on the twosome and the results of their new First Kiss Survey.

Since the superheroes are a thing, they won’t be needing their dating profiles anymore. In fact,’s Chief Scientific advisor says that “As a couple, they are a classic match of a high-testosterone male and the high-estrogen female and they have many cultural and biological traits that will fuel their romance.” But you can check out the retired profiles for inspiration for your own:

Superman is interested in volunteering, air travel, truth, justice, and the American Way, and while he likes meeting new people, he also claims to enjoy his “pretty sweet man cave!”

Wonder Woman completed the Amazonian Trials, likes romance novels about vampires, and appears to have a thing for pets: “I had a mythical winged horse once but it magically turned into my invisible jet—er, cats. I like cats.”

Funny, right? As for the First Kiss statistics, here’s a summary of a few stats:
  • Out of all superheroes, women would prefer to kiss Superman (76.2%), while men were more into Catwoman (47.3%) than Wonder Woman (27.3%). Both sexes agree that if they were a superhero, the ideal location for a first kiss would be while flying in the air.
  • Leaving the superheroes out of it, most people (81.7% of women and 91% of men) will take a second chance even if the first kiss was bad.
  • Only 40.8% of men and 31.9% of women think a kiss is appropriate on a first date.
  • And as we already suspected, bad breath is the number one first kiss turnoff. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Life Wouldn't Be the Same Without these Songs

Here are some of MY hall of fame favorites:)

Grease: "You're the One That I Want"
To this day, I can't imagine how anyone would get into those leather pants.

That Thing You Do: "We're on the radio!"
This is kind of cheating 'cause it's, like, the only scene in the movie where they're NOT singing live, but Liv Tyler is just too priceless to skip.

The Man Who Knew Too Much: "Que Sera Sera"

Words to live by from Doris Day.

Annie Hall: "Seems Like Old Times"

Oh, the ultimate shy-turned-awesome club scene.

Selena: "I Could Fall in Love"

Selena, you must not be with that boy! BUT I MUST.

10 Things I Hate About You: "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You"

Anyone else get asked to the prom this way? No? Boys are so disappointing sometimes. RIP, Heath Ledger.

My Best Friend's Wedding: "Say a Little Prayer"

This movie has literally nothing to do with music. So sue me. I love Rupert Everett and the cousins from down South.

Top Gun: "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling"

I've seen many a gaggle of drunken groomsmen try to replicate this magic, but none have come close.

The Wedding Singer: "I Wanna Grow Old With You"

That's some serious stop-your-Saturday-cleaning-and-pay-full-attention-to-the-cable-movie-moment action right there.

Empire Records: "Sugarhigh"

My high school obsession. Renee Zellweger and that guy we never saw again totally rocked it on top of the marquee.

Almost Famous: "Tiny Dancer"

The movie was all about fictional band Stillwater, but with apologies to Billy Crudup, this was totally its best singing moment.

Dreamgirls: "Listen"

You didn't think I'd bring up Dreamgirls and then deprive you of its wonder, did you? Heck no. In fact... let's double down.

Dreamgirls: "And I Am Telling You"

Gooooosebumps.. Happy Looong Weekend Squammies :D

Cute Food Alert: 10 of the Most Adorable Sushi Rolls You'll Ever See

This post goes to my dear friend Ann Castillo :) Warning: Cuteness Overload!!!

I saw Buzzfeed's post about amazing sushi--and, ohmygod are they amazing (computer sushi? Really?)--and it sent me scurrying off to find some more examples. It turns out that sushi can be more than delicious. It can be adorable.

Here's the first bit of evidence: snail sushi.

Source: via Lexi on Pinterest

I can't even with these panda rice balls.

Delicate rose sushi!

Source: via Lexi on Pinterest

Fish sushi--yes, I know that's what normal sushi is, but look!

This totally gorgeous flower sushi is one of the few examples I could find that listed ingredients: rice, sushi vinegar, pickled chrysanthemum petals, scallop sashimi, sesame seeds, kinome leaves.

Hello Kitty sushi, but of course.

Source: via Lexi on Pinterest

Piggy sushi!

Source: via Lexi on Pinterest

There's even Barack Obama caricature sushi, made with small shrimp, sesame seeds, and fish paste.

Source: via Lexi on Pinterest
I don't know what these little guys are supposed to be, but I like them!

And, of course, a cat dressed as sushi. Which isn't edible, obviously, but c'mon. Cute.

The Spice Girls' Diet and Fitness Secrets

If you wannabe as fit as a Spice Girl (heh! ... Oh, guys, it has been a very long week), you'll be interested to find out exactly what the fantastic five eat and do to stay in shape...

The poshest of the Spices Victoria Beckham keeps her energy levels up with healthy snacks, like fresh fruit, and stays hydrated with coconut water. 

Geri Halliwell has reportedly snipped the string on her history of yo-yo dieting and reportedly "feels better than ever," staying in shape with plenty of yoga and "healthy eating." Meanwhile, Emma Bunton works out three times a week, usually running on a treadmill.

US Weekly's diet and exercise report on the ever-sporty Melanie Chisholm: she feels "more feminine than ever before." So I'm not sure what that means. But as of last year, she was training hard to compete in a triathlon, doing total-body circuits that included step jumps and declined bench press-ups--and, like Victoria, plenty of coconut water. After having baby Harper, she also reportedly ran six days a week and had a "strenuous exercise regime" under star trainer Tracy Anderson.

Mel B does one- to two-hour treadmill workouts and likes to go for hikes--complementing her workouts with sessions of 600 sit-ups. She told People: "I’ve always been obsessed with doing abs. I change positions every 10 reps. I like how quickly--if you stick to it--you can see results.”

Bitch Goes Down: The Little Monster Edition

While Lady Gaga strolled through the lobby of her hotel in Romania, somebody came at her and surprisingly it wasn't a ragey PETAhead trying to turn her into CaCa cakes by dropping Gold Medal flour on her head. It was one of her Little Monsters who probably quit his job and used the last leu (Note: Yes, that was me who just Googled "How do you say 'dollar' in Romanian talk?") in his bank account to travel to her hotel and sleep in front all night to meet her dumb ass. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yoga Moves That'll Relax You When You Have Absolutely Zero Time to Relax

Because so many of us really just don't, Kimberly Fowler, founder of YAS Fitness Center, shared three yoga poses that are quick, easy, and practically guaranteed to get you to relax. "All of these will you unwind and relax your body," she says. "Once the body is relaxed, the mind will follow. The most important thing to remember is to breathe the entire time you're in the pose. Focus on the muscle group you're working and breathe air to each area."

Hero Pose
This move helps loosen your legs and ease your knees, Fowler says. Here's how to do it:

  • Drop to your knees and bring them knees together.
  • Bring your feet straight back behind you, a little wider than your hips (your heels should touch the outside of your hips).
  • Your toes and the tops of your feet should be flat on the floor; sit back between your feet.
  • Bring your chest up, sit up straight.
  • Place your hands on your thighs.
  • Hold for 45 second to one minute.
Cobbler Pose
This pose opens and stretches your hips, your lower back and your inner thighs. Focus on keeping your back straight and don't force yourself to stretch harder than is comfortable.

  • Sit on the floor with your legs out in front of you.
  • Bring the soles of your feet together and your knees wide apart.
  • Bring your heels of your feet toward your body.
  • Sit up straight, grab your feet for leverage, take a breath in and on your exhale hinge forward from your hips.
  • Keep your back straight to get the maximum benefit from the pose.
Seated Forward Bend
This pose releases your back and stretches your bottom (hey, it needs stretching too!).

  • Sit on the floor with your legs together and straight in front of you.
  • Sit up straight.
  • Reach your arms up to the ceiling.
  • Hinge at your hips and try to reach your toes.
  • Try to grab your feet. If you can't, you can use a strap or towel to help out.
  • Hold for 45 seconds to 1 minute.
Ahhh. Now go on about your day :)

Who The Hell Is Taylor Swift Yodeling About Now?

Taylor Swift, the worst thing to happen to the Kennedys since the Kennedy curse, has a new song out called "We Are Never Getting Back Together" and based on that title you might think she's singing to the definition of maturity, but were her and maturity ever together? Taylor of Sunnybrook Farms tells Good Morning America (via People) that surprise, surprise, she wrote that song about one of her ex-pieces. But before we start guessing about which one of Taylor's exes is going to tell Rolling Stones in a few months that she really put bruises on his innocent heart by writing a song about him, let's listen to that mess first. WARNING: Taylor Swift is still writing lyrics that sound like they were written on her paper bag book cover during 7th grade homeroom.

So who is Taylor singing about this time? Jakey Gyllenhaal? John Mayer? Joe Jonas? Taylor Lautner? 

What Does Jeremy Renner Think Of The Kardashians?

If you want the extra short version, just spend one second with that picture of Jeremy Renner and then go on your merry way, because that pretty much sums up all his feelings in one flick of a finger.

Hosted By: Teddy The Asshole Cat

It took me about 11 seconds into this video to immediately realize that I love Teddy the Asshole Cat. He is one of us!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Richard Simmons Serving You Dementia-Stricken Drag Queen As Poison Ivy

I LURVE this crazy old lady. Richard Simmons looks like the time Nana got cast as sultry villainess Poison Ivy in the home's production of Batman & Robin. Mother Nature and Uma Thurman can punch out early, because Richard Simmons' Poison Ivy poses are burning Beverly Hills to the GROUND. He even accessorized with butterflies like a true woodland diva does it.

And he has so many faces and emotions. He's giving you "Am I at the right bus stop?" "Ooh, is that the Gallagher's new poolboy?" "Thinking about the nighttime." and "A locked ward don't mean SHIT to POISON IVY." Never change, Richard.

Presented Without Comment: Miley Cyrus Done Chopped All Her Hair Off

Okay, maybe just a few comments. I don't know if Miley Cyrus's new Justin Bieber-like reverse mullet makes her look like a chipmunkized Dennis the Menace looking to get into some mischief or makes her look like the most annoying Slytherin ever. The good news is that Miley donated all her chopped off hair to a cancer charity, so sometime soon someone will have a wig that will instantly get them stoned just by sniffing on it real quick.

Is That A Fart Bubble?

No, seriously, is it?? Probably not, but ever since Ryan Lochte admitted to playing the wrong kind of watersports in the pool and Michael Phelps nodded his agreement, I'm obsessed with knowing just where Olympic swimmers draw the bodily function line.  Okay, I'll stop there and yes I've given this way too much thought and I didn't want to take that terrifying journey alone so I forced you all along. You're welcome. 

The actual point to this post - yes, there really is a point - is to show you Louis Vuitton's latest ad, featuring THE MEDAL WINNINGEST OLYMPIAN OF ALL TIMEZ (USA!!!). The ad shows Phelps soaking in his Speedos like we all do in the tub and not giving a f>ck (a fart quite possibly, but not a f>ck) if his super rich retiring AT 27 ass splashes bath water all over his LV duffle bag.

Can't Imagine Life Getting Better Than The Spice Girls Reuniting + Prince Harry Whistling, And Other Thoughts On the Closing Ceremonies

We have to face it--the London Olympics is officially over. But at least they went out with a bang--a British-fabulous bang, one that got about ten songs firmly stuck in my head. (Quite the mashup going on in there right now.) More on that in a second.
But first, some of my favorite visuals from the spectacular Olympic sendoff, which really lived up to the excellent athletics that came before it.
Team USA's entrance was a blizzard of berets: check out Missy Franklin, Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux.

One of the first big musical acts was One Direction--whose hair was going in many directions.

KATE MOSS OMG KATE MOSS! OK, I never expected to see her. Amazing. All the models were fab, of course, but there's only one Kate.

Russell Brand as Willy Wonka--now that's inspired casting. And no, Hollywood, you shouldn't take that to mean you should remake Charlie and the Chocolate Factory again. DON'T YOU DARE.

Um, Fatboy Slim was there, and "Rockafeller Skank" was played, and what happened next was an amazing souped-up version of the She's All That prom scene--you know every female U.S. athlete of a certain age was thinking it--and I could hardly take it.

Jessie J gets the gold medal for gutsiest outfit--and by the way, good thing the Beauty gals warned me about her new look, or I wouldn't have known it was her.

OK, let's get to the Spice Girls. You can watch the video here, but I'm just going to let the images speak for themselves...
And let London mayor Boris Johnson's dancing speak for what's in my heart.

Ridiculously wonderful image ahead: PRINCE HARRY SANG AND WHISTLED to "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life."

And a beautiful parting shot that'll stay with me for a while... the faces of the Brazilian athletes, watching as the Olympic flag was officially handed off to Rio de Janeiro.

See you in 2016, world.