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Skyathon Beach Run 2011

Running is without a doubt one of the best cardiovascular and calorie burning exercises around. If you're tired of running on a stationary treadmill and want to experience the sun and sweet smell of the ocean, why not take your running to the shoreline?  Besides being pleasant, beach running offers the advantage of burning more calories due to the uneven terrain of the sand which also helps to tone leg and calf muscles.

These are what I and my friends discovered and learned in the country's first eco-friendly race: the Boracay Skyathon Beach Run 2011:)

Early to Bed, Early to RISE.
Very self-explanatory. Haha. The problem with holding events very early in the morning (especially in Boracay) is that most tourists have very limited time, which they usually spend partying until sunrise. We didn’t really start on time, but who minded? What's important is that we finished and had a blast:)
this is the day..

Start Slowly.
If you're new to running in sand, start slowly and cut your workout distance by at least thirty percent for the first week. Soft sand gives your leg and calf muscles a tougher workout and can result in considerable muscle soreness. Gradually work up to your usual speed and distance. You'll discover that jogging in soft sand can be hard work!
slowly but surely

enjoying the view

ALWAYS Protect Your Skin.
When running on the beach, you'll be exposed to direct sunlight and light reflected off the water. This increases the potential for sunburns, sun damage, and, potentially, skin cancers. Before running apply generous amounts of sunscreen to all exposed body parts. Look for a waterproof or sports strength sunblock since you'll be sweating and can lose your layer of protection quickly. (Highly recommended: sunplay SPF 130 lotion)

Sunplay is a brand of sunscreen or sunblock lotion which contains a Japan "Watery Liquid" formulation that is light, mild, non-greasy and smooth on the skin. It is also non-comedogenic (does not clog pores). Sunplay sunscreen lotion protects against harmful UVA & UVB rays.
Run When the Tide is Low Along the Shoreline.
It's more difficult to run on soft sand. You can alleviate this problem by running on the beach when the tide is low along the shoreline and the sand is wet and more firmly packed. This can help to reduce soreness as well as reduce your risk of injury.

Running in the Morning (by the Beach) is truly "da BEST".
You'll have a more pleasant experience if you run in the early morning hours before the temperature rises. The solitude of an early morning run in the cool, salty air can be an excellent stress reliever. Not only is an early morning run therapeutic to the body, it also helps to soothe the mind.


Squammy's review:

  • Route:  The main difficulty of the course was the unevenness of the shoreline. Except in places where the tide had packed sand flat, we would be slipping on soft sand, or running on a canted surface angling down toward the water. Lalo na sa Elizalde part. Ang hirap pero masaya :)
  • Package and Freebies: Love the singlet! Love the finisher's medal! Our loot bags were given after the run and nobody went home empty-handed. The packed breakfast (a choice between longsilog and tocilog) was a delicious ending to our race. 

Kudos Organizers! Congrats finishers! :)


Condura Skyway Marathon 2011Experience

Last Sunday, woke up early to hit the road for my first Condura Skyway Marathon: A Run for the Dolphins.
I and my friends joined the 10K category. I have to be absolutely truth­ful, I don’t, for one sec­ond con­sider myself a run­ner of more than 500 meters. How­ever I gave myself a goal and I was going to accom­plish that and  I'm proud to say that  I did it! Ooh Yeah:)

At the start of the race, a 10-minute group warm up were executed amongst all participant. We had jumping jacks and stretching exercises to prevent cramps and maintain our stamina  Here are some pictures I've taken (while running of course) during the Condura event.

Happy Feet

Bhoy Runners Runner was there!


Passed by this Coffee Shop with an interesting name while running

The view from Skyway
I heart this picture:)

Breaking Dawn

the only way to get bet­ter at some­thing is to do it all the time;)
To become a bet­ter runner is to just go out there and expe­ri­ence run­ning 
Condura runners
excuse me :P
a view to a kill

one sexy runner
almost there..
Strike a pose

presenting the condura cheerios
Finish Line!!
Congrats finishers :)

What I took away from this experience is that I have to give run­ners a lot more credit than what I have given them in the past. It's easy to push your­self when you are with a team of peo­ple. I also learned how to pace myself, breath prop­erly, and put myself in a bet­ter mindset.  Over­all, It was truly a per­sonal accom­plish­ment and an inter­est­ing expe­ri­ence. Looking forward for my next race:)