Friday, February 24, 2012

The 25 Sexiest Best Actor Winners Ever

The 84th Annual Academy Awards will air this Sunday evening live from Los Angeles. 84th Annual. Do you know what that means? That adds up to 84 years of mostly attractive, wealthy people getting handed awards. And one thing even a blind person with an unusually high sex drive would admit: This year’s Best Actor nominees are some of the sexiest yet. Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Hot French Dude, Gary Oldman, Hot Mexican Dude. If I were a professional writer on the internet and this was 2008, one might even call them the “nom-nom-nominees.” It’s safe to say that Sunday’s Best Actor winner will also simultaneously be hot as sh*t.

But this isn’t the very first time in history that a handsome man has taken home the big prize. After hours scouring through the Best Actor winners over the past 80ish years, I am proud to bring you the following list: The 25 Sexiest Best Actor Winners Ever.

25. Russell Crowe, Gladiator, 2000

24. John Wayne, True Grit, 1969

23. Tom Hanks, Philadelphia, 1993 and Forrest Gump, 1994

22. Michael Douglas, Wall Street, 1987

21. Gary Cooper, Sergeant York, 1941 and High Noon 1952

20. Sean Penn, Mystic River, 2003, Milk, 2008

19. Marlon Brando, On The Waterfront, 1954

18. Robert De Niro, Raging Bull, 1980

17. Gregory Peck, To Kill A Mockingbird, 1962

16. Denzel Washington, Training Day, 2001

15. Jeremy Irons, Reversal of Fortune, 1990

14. Marlon Brando, The Godfather, 1972 (Yes, Again)

13. Jack Nicholson, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest 1975 and As Good as It Gets, 1997

 12. Charlton Heston, Ben-Hur, 1959

11. William Hurt, Kiss Of The Spider Woman, 1985

10. Paul Newman, The Color Of Money, 1986

9. James Stewart, The Philadelphia Story, 1940

8. Daniel Day-Lewis, My Left Foot, 1989, There Will Be Blood, 2007

7. Fredric March, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, 1932 and The Best Years Of Our Lives, 1946

6. Clark Gable, It Happened One Night, 1934

5. Warner Baxter, In Old Arizona, 1929

4. Sidney Poitier, Lilies Of The Field, 1963

3. William Holden, Stalag 17, 1953

2. Jamie Foxx, Ray, 2004

1. Colin Firth, The King’s Speech, 2011
Happy Friday everyone ;)

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