Monday, March 7, 2011

Ramon Lee's Panciteria

Ramon Lee’s is your typical Manila panciteria, with dark brown chairs,slow-moving fans, thick glasses and delicious food. 
To most of our parents, this was their comfort food. Many munchers (like me) still come here and reminisce about those days when life was simpler and traffic was nonexistent.

One of the oldest restaurants in Downtown Manila, Ramon Lee serves one of the best Peking Duck style Fried Chicken. This is the most aromatic chicken I've ever smelled served with a sweet-sour sauce. This panciteria has been in existence since 1929.
Ramon Lee's Fine Meal
Ramon lee’s fried chicken, pancit canton, lumpiang shanghai, ramon lee’s fine meals (includes soup, fried rice, fried chicken, pancit canton, plus dessert and drinks.)

This area is truly a dining destination.Worth giving a try ;)
By the way, dito nagshoot si Ate Vi at si Piolo ng eksena nila sa "Dekada 70". :-)

1929 Ramon Lee's Panciteria
Contact: +63 2 7330642
540 Ronquillo St.
Sta. Cruz, Manila
Open 10am - 10pm (Monday-Saturday) & 9am - 10pm (Sunday)