Friday, June 29, 2012

Your Biological Clock? There's an App for That!

Just in case you weren't already having some anxiety about your biological clock (whether you're hearing it ticking or not), someone made an app that will remind you--daily--how many fertile days, hours and seconds you have left.


Yup, someone invented it! It's called the Wonder Clock, and it's available for $1.99 on iTunes. Just plug in your age and, voila, let the countdown begin! (Just check in to see how many years, days, hours and seconds you have to, well, conceive). 

Of course, the clock comes with a disclaimer that explains it's "based upon averages and is not a medical diagnosis" but “an interactive, conceptual piece that seeks to start a necessary and empowering conversation about childbearing."

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The 13-Year-Old Super Chef Who's Already World Renown

Wish you could do a little better in the kitchen? This 13-year-old super chef might inspire you to, um, brush up on your cooking skills!

 Maybe you've been thinking of taking a cooking class or picking up some new cookbooks to help you learn basic kitchen techniques (like me!!!). Well, here's some inspiration for you: A 13-year-old boy in Los Angeles, Flynn McGarry, is reportedly the hottest new chef in the US right now. 

He's interned at the nation's top restaurants, including Chicago's Next, Seattle's Food Lab, and Los Angeles' Playa, where the head chef turned over his kitchen to McGarry for a sold-out nine course meal that customers raved about (apparently the trout with braised leeks and carmelized fennel were quite the hit). Seriously, are you inspired or what? 

If a 13-year-old can make a nine-course dinner, I can certainly make a healthy, homemade meal tonight ;)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Viva Forever!

CORRECTION: That headline is factually wrong, because Posh can't physically give a shit. Posh had her entire digestive system removed, because it's not like she uses it anyway and it was getting in the way of her having a waist smaller than a grasshopper's peen shaft. So I should've wrote: Posh Could Give A Queef.

So, Scary Spice, Sporty Spice, Ginger Spice, Baby Spice and Tall Olsen Spice all gathered in front of the steps where they zig-a-zig-ah-ed in the Wannabe video 16 years ago to officially announce the Spice Girls musical. Viva Forever! will open at the Piccadilly Theater in London's West End this December.

Here's Scary, Sporty, Ginger and Baby being all excited about getting a check while trying to ignore the luxury-wrapped skinny black cloud of poutiness next to them:

Shit Happens..

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Feeling Depressed? This May Be the Thing You Need to Feel Happier (Hint: It's Not Money)

If someone handed you a big pile of cash right this second, would you be happy? OK, I admit, I would hardly be weeping into my breakfast if this happened to me--but bear with my entirely-hypothetical example for a second, because a new study is showing that money doesn't actually seem to make people happier at all. But this does...


It's respect (Aretha had it right all along!). According to a study in the journal Psychological Science, being respected and admired by your peers and colleagues will give you a greater feeling of happiness than having wealth or a higher socioeconomic status.

Study researcher Cameron Anderson, a psychological scientist at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, said: "One of the reasons why money doesn't buy happiness is that people quickly adapt to the new level of income or wealth. Lottery winners, for example, are initially happy but then return to their original level of happiness quickly."

In a series of four experiments, researchers surveyed participants in order to assess their standings in different groups (such as sororities) by "combining self-reported ratings, reports from peers and any senior role they had within their group." They also asked about the participants' incomes.

The more accepted and well-liked the participants felt, the happier they were. Money didn't seem to impact their happiness at all.

Respect! OK, great. Now, let's just figure out how to get our hands on more of it...

Monday, June 25, 2012

This Cover Makes My Heart Smile :)

Somehow, SOMEHOW, I missed this adorable video of Carly Rae Jepsen singing "Call Me Maybe" with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots (Seriously, guys, why didn't anyone tell me this existed?!? Not cool.)

Squee! If you haven't seen this yet either, you're welcome.

And that's our Carly Rae for today! What did you think of the video? I can't stop watching!

These Flip-Flops Promise to Make You Feel More Calm, Energized and "Grounded"--Really?

Is there really such thing as a pair of flip-flops that can make you feel calm, energized and less achy all over? Can a sandal change your life? 


Remember how good it felt to be a kid and run around barefoot outside in the summer? Well, that's the whole concept behind a new health movement called "earthing" or "grounding." Proponents say that the more time we can spend barefoot, the more we soak up the earth's essential energies and feel-good vibes. (I know, it does sound a little out there, but stay with me here.)

Enter a new line of shoes, well, flip-flops, called "pluggz" and here's how they work, according to the company's web site: "Each pair contains black plugs made from a custom carbon and rubber compound that sit under a weight bearing part of our feet ensuring electrical contact between the earth and us. These plugs are designed to conduct a flow of free electrons from the earth to our bodies. This proprietary technology allows us to get grounded when we walk on grass, sand, soil--or even concrete."

OK, so how is grounding supposedly good for us? "People say they feel better when walking barefoot on grass or sand or earth. According to modern science that’s because being barefoot enables the body to efficiently absorb earth’s abundant electrons. The very same electrons that make us feel good. Traditional shoes interfere with this absorption. Not pluggz. 

Every pair of pluggz has a black plug - the round circle towards the front of the shoe, beneath your metatarsal that is particularly adept at allowing the free transfer of the electrons, naturally giving your body what it needs to help heal itself, and stay balanced and happy. ... As you wear them you’re likely to start feeling what other pluggz wearers have reported feeling: more balanced, more energized, a sense of well-being, or calmer or fewer aches and pains."

The Surprising Fruit That May Keep You Slim

You love fruit, but guess which kind may have the power to actually fight obesity. The surprising news...
Apples are chock-full of health benefits (need I repeat the old saying? OK, I'll spare you), but did you know that a compound in apple peels may fight obesity and help with weight loss?

A new study conducted by University of Iowa researchers found that the substance called ursolic acid, found in apple peels, protected mice from obesity by promoting the growth of muscle and brown fat (aka, good fat), both known for their fat-burning effects in the body.

So, eat your apples, gals! And leave the skin on!

Casper Smart Is A Straight-For-Fame Gay, So Says A Fellow Dancer

JLo's rep denies that Casper is gay and says that it must be a slow news week. I resemble that comment!

But seriously, this pic doesn't prove anything. How many straight dudes have gotten drunk on malt liquor and ended up giving sugar to the camera while wearing a rhinestone belt? Entire frats wouldn't exist if shit like that didn't go down on the regular. Casper could scream for peen, poon or both. It doesn't matter. There's only two things that matter: 1) Casper is representing hard for the gold digger community and; 2) That duck-faced bitch looks hotter in a pair of gold shorty shorts than JLo does. Werk it, guurrrrrl.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy NO PANTY Day!!!

Today is the Day..

13 Do’s and Taboos for the Feng Shui Office

At dahil sa bagong lipat ako ng table this week.. 

Sharing these 13 do’s and taboos of feng shui office design I found in the web today :)
  • DO sit in the corner farthest from the entrance to the room to have a “command” position.
  • DON’T sit in line with the door, as you will be in the path of negative energy.
  • DO keep your back toward a corner or a wall for support. If a post protrudes from the corner or wall, correct it by covering it with a hanging plant’s draping foliage.
  • DO sit with a tall building behind you to provide the support of a “mountain” if your back is to a window.
  • DON’T face away from the door if you are conducting business from home. Business will symbolically come to you through the door, so don’t turn your back on it.
  • DON’T arrange your workspace so that you look straight out into a corridor or see the stairs, storage rooms, closets, elevators, escalators, or toilets.
  • DO put your computer in the North or West area of your office to enhance your creativity. Place the computer in the Southeast if you use it to generate income.
  • DO place an aquarium or tabletop fountain in the East, North, or Southeast. A small aquarium with black or blue fish in the North area of your desk or office will activate your business and career success. Guppies or a single arrowana are ideal for an aquarium made of glass and metal.
  • DO place a safe, which is usually constructed of metal, in either West or Northwest, which both represent the metal element. The safe symbolizes the prosperity and financial security of a business.
  • DO have a good balance of yin and yang when decorating your workspace. Balance light and dark colors, soft and hard surfaces, and smooth and rough textures in your choice of window treatments, furniture, and flooring.
  • DON’T have any mirrors in your office, as they can reflect negative energy from clients to other people in the room. You should always maintain control over the energy in your office.
  • DO treat the files in your office with respect. They represent your past, present, and future business.
  • DO keep the cords to your office equipment well hidden. This elimates clutter and allows for the free flow of chi.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Avengers Assemble…on the dance floor

Who knew Thor could work it quite like that? And don’t even get me started on Hawkeye and the Hulk’s fierce posing during their solo spins.

But Captain America and Black Widow, I am not impressed!  Which hero do YOU think has the best moves?

Are You Carly Rae Jepsen?

Do you consider yourself creepy a little intense? Do you keep asking for something until it's 
yours? If the answer is yes, you should take this quiz. Maybe.

OK, so tell me--are you Carly Rae Jepsen? Maybe?

Monday, June 18, 2012

A Tweet That Sums Up Beliebers Perfectly

Ooooh... Okay :)

Well, this is one way to start the week right :)

"Face Mapping"--What Your Dark Circles + Acne Are Trying to Tell You

That pimple on your forehead--what does it mean? According to dermatologists who specialize in the ancient art of face mapping, it could tell you more about your health than you know.


Alex Gariano over at U Look Haute shared a fascinating look at "face mapping"--the art of unlocking the mysteries of problematic skin. Hailing from ancient Chinese medicine, Gariano writes, "face mapping is a type of skin analysis that explains why and how certain areas of your face are connected to other parts of your body. ...Think of your blemishes as X’s on a map that is your face. Different zones correspond to different problems. With this 'map' as your guide, you can address the underlying causes of blemishes and correctly determine how to prevent them from recurring."

So, what are your breakouts, dull spots and dark circles trying to tell you? Here's a quick guide from Gariano:

Zone 1 & 3: Bladder & Digestive System — Improve your diet and drink more water.
Zone 2: Liver — Try cutting back on alcohol, heavy food or dairy. This area can also indicate a food allergy.
Zone 4 & 10: Kidneys — Make sure you’re keeping yourself hydrated with water and cut back on liquids that dehydrate you. This means nix the soda, coffee and/or alcohol.
Zone 5 & 9: Respiratory system — Those who smoke or have allergies tend to have acne here.
Zone 6 & 8: Kidneys — Dark circles are usually a result of dehydration. Drink up!
Zone 7: Heart — Check your blood pressure and make sure you’re not using makeup that irritates your skin.
Zone 12: Stomach — Consider a detox or adding more fiber to your diet to help with digestion.
Zone 11 & 13: Hormones — Stress and hormonal changes can sometimes be alleviated with more water and a few extra servings of dark, leafy greens but if breakouts in this area persistent, make an appointment with your doctor to look into a possible hormonal imbalance. Additionally, breakouts in this area also indicate when you are ovulating (and which side).
Zone 14: Illness — Can be a sign of your body fighting bacteria to avoid illness. Take a breather and drink plenty of fluids. 

Of course, not everyone believes in face mapping--and the mainstream medical community would likely disagree that your face can predict anything about your overall health--I still find this pretty fascinating (if not just a little bit interesting and fun!). And, I had mega dark circles this morning, so I'm going to stay extra hydrated today!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Father’s Day!

This Sunday, millions of families all over the world will wake up, go to lunch, probably fight, and have a silent car ride home all thanks to a little holiday known as Father’s Day, where we honor the men in our lives who have probably raised us (or not, whichever) and made us the fantastic people we are today. 

Dads are great! They like food, sports, and killing bugs when necessary. 

So how does one honor their dear Father? With a tie? A book? Some meat? Nah, your Dad already has all of that stuff. But you know what your Dad probably doesn’t have and would really love? 

A list of 51 Animals Celebrating Father’s Day. And the best part? It’s totally free! All you have to do is e-mail it. To your Dad! Or whoever! It’s that simple. What better way to say “Happy Father’s Day” then with a giant list of animals dressed up like Dad? The answer is no better way. Enjoy and Happy Father’s Day!