Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Foreign Posters For American Movies That Will Make You Giggle

Without further ado...
  What's Your Number?

WHOA! The Sex List? France really gets to the point.


What I love about this one is that everyone's looking very Parisian--no uniform pink taffeta here, like in the U.S.--EXCEPT for Megan.

Twilight: Eclipse

Subtle and vampire-free.


Ribelle the Brave! I like it.

Something Borrowed

Pastel-happy, with the skyline in the diamond. I wonder how John Krasinski's perpetually troubled face translates overseas.

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

White Castle isn't big in the UK (full disclosure: I never heard of it til I moved to New York). Hence: "munchies."

Young Adult

I think this Young Adult poster is kind of awesome... note the prominent spot the Hello Kitty shirt gets. And the only word in English on the whole thing? Juno.

The Switch

Especially because the American poster was so muted, I was shocked at this version, which looks like it's set against a still from the opening credits of Saved by the Bell. And check it out--there's Juno AGAIN!

Bride Wars

Ding ding.

Garden State

Kinda cute, right? But also a little strange in that 60 percent of the people on this poster are seen in one scene, and never again.

Mirror Mirror

Spieglein Spieglein, on the wall! What's the fairest poster of them all? Almost this one...

Black Swan

But oh my gosh, when it comes to beauty contests, this quartet of overseas ads completely takes the cake.

Magic Mike

Looks like Adam Rodriguez gets top billing in Russia, but Matthew McConaughey is nowhere to be found.

The Hunger Games

A LOT going on in this Japanese poster, including (I'm guessing) confirmation that Katniss is No. 1.

Sex and the City 2

The story behind this poster, which ran in several countries? The movie bowed around the same time as the World Cup, and the studio wanted to seem in-step with the cultural mood.

Knocked Up

A movie poster and anatomy lesson all in one! Yikes. That health-class aid was in the background of some American posters, too, but it just seems more prominent and unnverving here--perhaps it's the "EXTRA LANG!"

Monday, July 30, 2012

May Pasok Ba?

The Internet now makes it faster and easier to find out if one's prayers for an additional rest day is granted. One website catering mostly to Metro Manila-based netizens is fast gaining popularity because of its straightforward way of answering the question: May pasok ba?
The home page of www.maypasokba.com delivers the good or bad news in big, bold letters it's either: Meron or  Wala :)

Uwian Na!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

6 New Dating Rules for 2012

It's 2012. Time have changed, and it’s time to throw out the old rules of dating as well.


According to eHarmony, that’s exactly what single people are doing. In the spirit of the Olympic games (everybody’s getting into it), the online dating site conducted a survey of men and women to uncover the truth behind dating games, and some of the old standards are being thrown out the window.

The new rules of dating:
Don’t wait three days to call. Oh thank God. The stupid “3 Day Rule” is no longer a thing. Nearly three quarters of both men and women said waiting that long to return a phone call is “ridiculous.” Rightfully so.
Do your research. Almost half of singles admit to Googling their dates before meeting up. Because preparation is half the battle. Or something like that.
Know that two can play that game. Playing hard to get, which in Ye Olden Dating Times was known as a woman’s move, has gone gender neutral. Now, 44% of men say they play hard to get as well.
Start saying things like “Are your feet tired? Because you’ve been running through my mind all day.” Evidently, 44% of women actually like pickup lines! Who are these women? To each her own, but unless it starts with “Hey girl” and is actually said by Ryan Gosling, I’m not falling for it.
Stop texting already. Over 75% of men and women prefer a phone conversation to a text message. Give your fingers a break.
No fakers allowed. Not, not that kind of faking (although don’t do that either), but an overwhelming majority (89% of women and 77% of men) agree that inventing a busy schedule is so over. Those people would agree to go on a date with same-day notice if they were available, rather than pretending they’re sooo booked this week.

The Photoshop Lifetime Achievement Awards: Mimi's First American Idol Promo Picture

Let's all take a moment of silence for all the feeling Mimi's full-time, personal Photoshop artiste lost in his fingers after spending hours upon hours erasing all pixels of reality from her first American Idol promo picture to make this gloriously fraudulent masterpiece. Mimi's Photoshopper used the hell out of the de-rib tool and pinched her waist so much that it looks like her intestines escaped up to her chichis area to keep from suffocating. Even that sun looks skinnier eh?!

Amazing Things That Could Happen at the Olympics' Opening Ceremony!

The 2012 Olympics kick off TOMORROW and I don't remember the last time I've been so excited for the opening ceremonies. While the details have been pretty hush hush so far, we do know that movie director Danny Boyle (the man behind Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours and more) is producing the show. We also know it will be a star studded, pop culture infused spectacle that showcases the very best things the U.K has given the world (cough, David Beckham). 

Truth be told, some pretty incredible things have been leaked. The show is titled "Isles of Wonder" (inspired by the Shakespeare play The Tempest) and Danny Boyle told the Today Show that he's trying to create a "live film.' I don't know about you, but I have the chills already!
Here's just a few of the amazing things we've been hearing about:

1. A Harry Potter vs Mary Poppins Showdown
I picture a Quidditch game over the crowd--brooms versus umbrellas! But, during a portion of the show that features favorite British storybook characters from Alice in Wonderland to Peter Pan--Lord Voldemort and a hoard of flying Mary Poppins-esque nannies are possibly going head-to-head.

2. The Queen is Coming!

It's the Queen's job to officially declare the "games open" however it's confirmed that a live appearance is weather dependent. But, widespread rumors suggest that she also prerecorded a segment in Buckingham Palace that features James Bond himself--Daniel Craig--that is a key part of the show's opening!

3. Two Words--David Beckham

Becks has confirmed he's appearing in the show but mum's the word on anything else. Yet, papers in London like the Daily Mail believe he'll have the honor of lighting the Olympic cauldron with, wait for it, a flaming football. I am praying to the soccer Gods that this is true.

4. Sir Paul McCartney Ties It Up with a Bow

Paul is definitely closing out the show with a much anticipated performance. Possibly a sing-a-long to the Beatles classic "Hey Jude." Thousands upon thousands of people singing in unison "take a sad song and make it better" is just perfect.

5. The Athletes!

We can't forget that the whole point of the opening ceremonies is to honor the impressive and inspiring athletes from over 200 countries participating in the games! I don't know about you but I always tear up during the "parade of athletes"--a mainstay of every opening ceremony!

And how about these crazy facts about the opening ceremonies:

- There are 10,000 volunteers on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly from the stage to the stands.
- And 10,000 performers!
- The show cost around $42 million to pull off . . .


Happy Friday Squammies :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nutty Madam Finally Breaks Her Silence On Kristen Stewart's Cheating Ways

I was going to say that Nutty Madam gives me life, but then I realized that YAAASSSS-ing at this video means I officially have no life and am not capable of ever getting one. And this right here needs to play on a loop in the waiting room of every mental hospital's Twihard Ward (#KalmaLangTeh)

Monday, July 23, 2012

It's Official: The Spice Girls Are Performing at the Olympics!

know how much you lovelies adore the Spice Girls, so I'm so freakin' excited to tell you that they'll definitely be spicing up our lives (and the 2012 Summer Olympics) at the closing ceremony on August 12!


But wait... there's more!

The news gets even better--according to Us Weekly, they're set to perform their 1996 fan favorite "Wannabe" and all FIVE of the ladies will be there. That means Ginger (Geri Halliwell), Baby (Emma Bunton), Sporty (Melanie Chisholm), Scary (Melanie Brown), and Posh (Victoria Beckham)! George Michael, The Who, and Jessie J are also set to perform, but honestly, who cares when you have news like this?
Seriously, this is happening:

5 Famous-Lady Quotes That'll Make You Feel Instantly Powerful

Pinterest is full of just about every kind of wonderfulness the world has to offer, but probably my favorite things on there are the quotes.

But something about a quote getting right in your face with a clear, lovely visual aid--I can't click enough. 

I'm especially feeling these five, which I happened upon today--because I'm one of those people who can always use a little reminder not to people-please, placate and generally act like the world's permanent intern. (Hey, we all do it sometimes.)

And those haters Adele is shrugging off? Don't forget that the harshest one can occasionally be right in the mirror... which is where the late, great Nora Ephron comes in.

In other words, you look better than you think. And if people don't like it?

Word, Dita.
In fact, maybe that backlash is a sign you're on the right trail. Eh, Madonna?

So put all that nonsense aside and get to work.

Source: google.com via Megan on Pinterest

The "Man Of Steel" Teaser Trailer Is With Us

And that there is pretty much all the Superman you're getting in this sh!t. The clean laundry blowing in the wind, Americana doggies and the adorable Henry Cavill playing Superman working undercover on Wicked Tuna. As a friend said - "nothing happens, and then he flies."
Er, here they are. Kevin Costner does the voice-over for the first one. There's an alternate version with Russell Crowe under it. I guess it depends on which voice you want to fap (pardon the lingo hehe) to? They're both pretty boring..

Friday, July 20, 2012

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Urechis unicinctus, a type of marine spoon worm that is mostly known as the PENIS FISH!

The ocean has given us a lot of annoying shit like limb-eating sharks and SpongeBob, so finally here's a special gift from it to us sluts. It's the dick fish!!! Apparently, you can get the peen fish at many Chinese and South Korean fish markets.

And no, I'm not Googling "penis fish porn." Not today. Not ever. I'm not trying to sucio up my browser with some fishiality shit.

Source: Buzzfeed via Jezebel (Thanks to everyone who sent this in)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Here's What It Took To Install One Million Flowers At Dior Couture

The only thing more breathtaking than Raf Simons's debut collection for Dior may have been the backdrop against which it was presented--one million peonies, orchids, and roses adorned the walls, and here's a little glimpse on how it all happened!

It took four days (!!) to make this magic happen, according to Fashionista, but it'll take you just over two and a half minutes to see how it came together:

All in the name of fashion! How flippin' cool was that?

Working Out As a Couple: Awesome or Awkward?

Miley Cyrus is often (very, very often) photographed leaving her Pilates studio after a workout, but recently, she had an exercise partner that got paparazzi-ed too...


...fiancé Liam Hemsworth. And while we can't be sure that Liam was actually doing Pilates with Miley (maybe he was just cheering her on? Or admiring his hat in the mirror?), they were also spotted skateboarding together late last week, so it's somewhat safe to assume they exercise together once in a while, right?

I don't really know any couples that work out together--do you? I see couples who are working out side-by-side at the gym and they seem pretty content doing so, but I like exercising solo. I just need that space--to listen to music, to let my mind go wherever it needs to go, to push myself at my own pace in my own way. What about you?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Hottest Athletes on Earth Get Naked for the ESPN Body Issue

What’s better than impossibly attractive, wealthy and successful athletes practicing their sport of expertise while completely naked?

Nothing. The answer is nothing.

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Tim Morehouse: Fencer, Naked.

And ladies, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you.
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Now THIS is Advertising!


The List of Highest Paid Stars Under 30 Is Out

Between concert tours, endorsement deals, big budget movie roles and more . . . being a hot, young, in-demand star is pretty darn lucrative. Forbes annual list of "Highest Paid Stars Under 30" came out and while it's a short list of ten, it's an impressive bunch. But most exciting of all? Six at the top of the list are girls! In fact, Taylor Swift takes this year's top spot--beating out Justin Bieber who earned the honor last year! Let's take a look at all ten . . .

1. Taylor Swift
Age: 22
Earnings: $57 million
Biggest Moneymaker: She's estimated to take in $1 million per night of her concert tour!

2. Justin Bieber

Age: 18
Earnings: $55 million
Biggest Moneymaker: He's sold a whopping 12 million albums since 2009.

3. Rihanna

Age: 24
Earnings: $53 million
Biggest Moneymaker: Non-stop touring--85 shows in the past year is a grueling and impressive feat!

4. Lady Gaga

Age: 26
Earnings: $52 million
Biggest Moneymaker: With so many hits off both her albums, the sales never stop!

5. Katy Perry

Age: 27
Earnings: $45 million
Biggest Moneymaker: Having five number one singles from the same album equals major moolah.

6. Adele

Age: 24
Earnings: $35 million
Biggest Moneymaker: 21 sold over 23 million copies!

7. Kristen Stewart

Age: 22
Earnings: $34.5 million
Biggest Moneymaker: Oh you know, just a little franchise you may have heard of called Twilight.

8. Lil Wayne

Age: 29
Earnings: $27 million
Biggest Moneymaker: Whoa, his album Carter IV sold one million copies in just it's first week of release!

9. Taylor Lautner

Age: 20
Earnings: $26.5 million
Biggest Moneymaker: Team Jacob, anyone?

10. Robert Pattinson

Age: 26
Earnings: $26.5
Biggest Moneymaker: Team Edward, perhaps?

Um, Why Wasn't Jason Biggs' in Magic Mike? His Audition Tape Is Amazing!

You have to see it to believe it.

OK, so this video is fake--do you really believe anybody other than Matthew McConaughey could be the role of Dallas? But this video was so funny, I had to share with you! Maybe Jason can have a guest role in the Magic Mike sequel? Eh?

The Best Romantic Comedies of the '90s

1994: Muriel's Wedding
ABBA, Australian accents, and Toni Collette--what more could you want in a movie?

1996: One Fine Day
Le sigh, George Clooney.

1996: That Thing You Do!
Now you'll have the Oneders' (I'm sorry, The Wonders!) hit-making song stuck in your head the rest of the day.

1997: Fools Rush In
The premise is a tad non-traditional for a romantic comedy--a one-night stand results in an "Oops! I'm pregnant!" quickie marriage--but this flick has a ton of heart, a lot of laughs, and a cute Friends-era Matthew Perry.

1997: Romy and Michele's High School Reunion
I was going to write my favorite quote from the movie, but let's be honest--there's no picking just one. Have a Romy and Michele day!

1997: My Best Friend's Wedding
This scene! THIS SCENE! It is why I watch this movie one a month, without fail.

1998: Can't Hardly Wait
In the '90s who didn't have the biggest crush on Ethan Embry? Or was that just me? Anyway, this tale of finally getting the girl on the night of a high school graduation party is one to watch--especially for a tiny cameo of Jason Segel as the "Watermelon Guy."

1998: The Wedding Singer
Although the rest of the movie is good too, the whole film is worth watching for the final scene when Adam Sandler sings to Drew Barrymore. Cue the awwww's.

1998: Ever After
This slightly stretches the definition of a romantic comedy (Cinderella's story gets kind of dark at times, no?), but we'll make an exception. Also, try and ignore the '90s dance music over the trailer. No idea what that's about.

1999: Notting Hill
Nothing is more '90s romantic comedy than Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. 
Put them together in the same flick? Genius.

1999: Never Been Kissed
Love this adorable story of former nerdy girl Josie Grossie Josie Geller (Drew Barrymore) gets a second shot at high school as an undercover reporter. Also, Michael Vartan is really hot.

It's James Franco As The Young Wizard Of Oz

This is what Disney got when they threw together $200 million, Sam Raimi James Franco, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams, Zach Braff (???) and slightly more special effects than your average Mimi photo shoot. This is the trailer for the prequel of Wizard of Oz, Oz: The Great And Powerful and it comes out next year after the world has ended :P

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Is This What You Thought 50 Shades's Christian Grey Would Look Like?

Allow me to interrupt your daydream about Christian Grey, because according to the best-seller list, that's all anyone's doing these days. But don't get mad--I have a really, really good reason for it...what if I told you I interrupted to bring him to life? Well, in one of the most fun side projects ever, a psych professor at England's University of Central Lancashire has blended women's descriptions of 50 Shades of Grey's protagonist, Christian Grey, into a composite portrait. Curious? So were we! Have a look — it's academic research, after all!


The professor, Dr. Faye Skelton, was quoted as saying she hopes the portrait doesn't "intrude on anyone's fantasies." Ladies, I think we can forgive her.

Dr. Skelton made the picture using the same software used to make composite portraits of criminals, basing it on how the 12 women said they imagined Grey to look.  She thinks the portrait could be used by Hollywood when they're searching for an actor to play Grey in the upcoming film adaptation. Ian Somerhalder, the brooding-and-oh-so-handsome star of the Vampire Diaries, has been linked to the role, but it's still open (Ryan Gosling rumors have been swirling, too!).