Thursday, February 2, 2012

If You Only Do One Healthy Thing Today, Do This

I'm not a milk drinker, I confess. It's just never really been my thing. But this new research makes a compelling argument to pour a glass... 

What? Are you saying you don't sit in someone's lap to pour a glass of milk?

A recent study in the International Dairy Journal found that adults who drink more milk scored significantly higher on memory and other brain function tests than adults who drink just a little milk (or no milk at all).

More than 900 men and women, aged 23 to 98, went through a series of eight different tests to determine brain health. The people who drank at least one glass of milk every day had the highest scores across all of the tests. 

So... milk! It does a brain right, huh? And the researchers mention that the benefits of lowfat or fat-free milk don't have to come from drinking it straight: the milk can be mixed in a smoothie, a latte, cereal, or whatever works best for you.

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