Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Man Gets Hello Kitty Haircut To Cheer Up Dad

A man after my own heart, 50-year-old Hu Han-yan in Tai Pei, is celebrating the Lunar New Year this year in a way a12-year-old version of me could only dream of: By getting Hello Kitty shaved into his head. The reason? To cheer up his elderly father (seen above, cheered.)

Hu Han-yan has turned into something of a local celebrity, and had this to say to the local news:
“I feel like I’m a star now,” said Hu Han-yan, who added that he has to trim his hair every five days to keep his “Hello Kitty” in tip-top condition. “Next time, I might try a different iconic pattern, such as Doraemon [a popular Japanese manga cartoon character] or SpongeBob SquarePants [a US cartoon character], so long as I can amuse my father,” said Hu Han-yan.
A SpongeBob SquarePants fade? 

Honestly, that might be too overstimulating for pops. I wouldn’t risk it Hu. 

Also, I’d be insane to not include the most Asian sentence I read today:
Hu Han-yan has been dubbed by some local media outlets as “a modern Lao Lai-tzu (老萊子),” alluding to an elderly character in The Book of 24 Filial Pieties (二十四孝) renowned for dressing up as a baby to amuse his parents.
Oh, sentence. Can’t wait for you to become a dream of mine in 5 months that sends me straight to therapy. :D

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