Thursday, February 2, 2012

Do Redheads Have Better Love Lives?

Frankly, I've always wanted to be a ginger :D

According to a German study, redheads have more active sex lives than people with any other hair color. Who knew? 
 There are a few purported reasons for this, say the researchers: red hair is rare, vibrant (the color provokes and arouses people more than any other), and subconsciously indicates youth and fertility. Best of all, it's the color that attracts mates, not the genetics, so a gal can reap the redhead sex benefits from a box--a la Lucille Ball--if she so chooses.

Although I sort of suspect that grey-haired men, i.e. Silver Foxes, actually have more sex than any other gender or hair color (hello, John Slattery and/or his Mad Men character Roger Sterling), it's nice to know that gingers aren't being burned at the stake anymore, ain't it?

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