Monday, January 9, 2012

15-Year-Old Korean Girl Forces You To Listen To “Rolling In The Deep” Again

If you’re like me, then whenever you hear the first few chords of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep,” you grab your wide-brimmed hat and coat and roll your ass under the closing garage door in the nick of time to get the hell away from it. It’s a great song, sure, but my ears and the wires that connect it to my brain have just had enough.

But then this 15-year-old girl in Korea had to go and ruin everything. See, she has a great singing voice. As good as Adele’s? No, but when she opens her mouth on this Korean American Idol (…Korean Idol?) and begins to sing, you will swear the voice coming out of her mouth doesn’t belong to her. A kind of slutty 25-year-old on X Factor? Yes. But her? Never.

So lift your “Rolling In The Deep” Ban one last time and take a listen. If poor Adele’s vocal chords never heal, at least we’ll have this teen to pick up where she left off in a slightly not as amazing fashion.

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