Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Face Only Victoria's Secret Models Should Make in Pictures

There are certain things that should be left to professionals. This "sexy face" is one of them. Pakak!

You see, on Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima, this face, with her lips slightly parted and non-smiley, is hot and smoldering—like she has to breathe out of her mouth for a second because it's sooooo steamy in here.



But on me? I just look hungry. 

I think there must be some mojo they hand out at lingerie-wearer orientation because we non-models just can't pull this off. We look like we're trying too hard. Or we were in mid-sentence asking where the bathroom is. Or like we're going to sneeze. Notice what none of these things is? Sexy. 

So I say leave this look to the supermodels, guys. And when you want to look sexy, just smile and think "warm." Warmth is always hot. Oh, and consider striking this pose—it's so cute!

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