Saturday, January 21, 2012

The 10 Cutest Players From The 2012 Puppy Bowl

Animal Planet just announced the official starting lineup for Puppy Bowl VIII – we’re still more than two weeks away from the biggest sporting event of the year, but that won’t stop us from LETTING THE CUTE DEBATES BEGIN!

Here’s a sneak peek of my 10 Favorite Players From The 2012 Puppy Bowl, ranked in order of cuteness. It’s not an exact science, we know – it’s more of a puppularity contest:

10. Eurika, Chihuahua / Terrier Mix

9. Calvin, Dachshund

8. Abilene, Australian Shepherd Mix

7. Baskin, Jack Russel / Pug Mix

6. Brandy, Pit Bull / Collie Mix

5. Delilah, Terrier

4. Fonzie, Rat Terrier

3. Fumble, Chihuahua / Terrier Mix

2. Friday, Maltese / Poodle Mix

1. Aberdeen, Australian Shepherd Mix

Check out the rest of the dogs at Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl website!

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