Friday, January 6, 2012

Did Wiz Khalifa Steal “Black And Yellow” From Another Song Called “Pink And Yellow”?

Color-related rap song controversy!!! A western Pennsylvania rapper named Maxamillion is suing Wiz Khalifa, claiming that Wiz stole the concept for his 2011 hit single “Black And Yellow” from Maxamillion’s 2007 song “Pink And Yellow”. Listen to the song below and judge for yourself:
Maxamillion f/ Yung Zee, Frank G & AC – Pink ‘N Yellow by iTSyoungASE
Wow, that is pretty dang similar. Not quite “Under Pressure” / “Ice Ice Baby” similar, but let’s call it The Kinks “Picture Book” / Green Day “Warning” similar. Although both rappers now might be subject to a lawsuit from Sesame Street, cause I’m sure they have plenty of raps about two colors (“My name is Blue and I’m here to say…”)

Either way, Wiz Khalifa and Maxamillion still have to deal with the fact that they’re far from the best rapper to come out of Western Pennsylvania…

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