Friday, January 6, 2012

The 6 Classiest Photos Of Ewan McGregor Ever Taken

Ewan McGregor is in GQ this month. Know why? Because a bigger GQ Motherf*cker has never humanly existed. Ewan is it. And photographer Peggy Sirota knows this, as these photos might set an internet first for impregnating someone through the internet. You’ll note the blue suit in each photo being the common thread (pun!) tying everything together, though I would like to propose the theory that these are 6 of the classiest Ewan McGregor pics ever.

This car is like “Ahooooga, get inside me.”

“I can’t remember anything since the accident.” — The perfect icebreaker.

The first rule of Fight Club is be super Scottish and probably not the best fighter.

Sexiest Dunce

Nailing His Blacula Audition

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