Friday, October 28, 2011

The monster-sized monster slipper bed!

Tom Boddingham from East London has one foot that is a size 13 and another foot that is a size 14.5 (side note: Does this mean he has a lopsided peen?), and so he usually has to special order shoes for his feets. Tom ordered monster slippers from a British-based company that gets their shit from a factory in China, and when they came in the mail he had to check the invoice to make sure it said "Tom Boddingham" and not "Paris Hilton."
One of the slippers was a size 13, like he ordered, and the other one was a size 1,450. The company said that the factory in China made a "clerical error" and didn't see the decimal point. THE HELL? Instead of a slipper, Tom now has a sleeping slipper for two! Tom says he's going to contact Guinness to see if his Bigfoot car slipper beats some kind of world record. Yeah, it beats the world record for the world's dumbest bitch, because who would make a size 1,450 slipper without burping up a question?

Yes, I'm throwing "something in the milk ain't clean" looks right next to you. The obvious questions are: why didn't the company confirm this mess and wouldn't it cost thirty times more to ship this? Another question: what's the name of the company, because I too want a monster slipper bed.
This can't be real. It has to be marketing for the new season of Khloe & Lamar.

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