Monday, October 3, 2011

The Perfect Christmas gift: BULL PEEN

Here are parts of the description of this BULL PENIS CANE on eBay, presented without comment:

  • This cane was made from a bull penis, shaped with curved handle, cured and given a hard epoxy finish for years for durability.
  • My father has made these for many years and given them to friends.
  • This cane measures 33 inches tall with black non-slip tip. A very nice example.
  • The shaft of this cane has an attractive twisting shaft.
  • Any blemishes or discoloration are part of the natural markings.
  • These canes should not be used for support that is required for medical reasons. They are good for hiking, walking, etc for the average person.
So, in closing, now you have THE PERFECT GIFT for the person in your life who prefers to walk at a moderate pace with support from an enormous, possibly-blemished frozen bull boner that was, at one point, one in a series of gifts between friends.

Christmas can’t come soon enough!

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