Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The DPWH Photoshop Meme Mania

SPOT.ph first got wind of “The Great DPWH Photoshop Meme” from Jim Ayson’s blog, The Ayson Chronicles: A Life Online. The controversial photo, which shows a Photoshopped image of DPWH Undersecretary Romeo Momo, Metro Manila Regional Director Reynaldo Tagudando, and South Manila District Engineer Mikunug Macud in a huddle by the damaged Manila Bay seawall, spread like wildfire online, eventually making it to The Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal.

And though the DPWH has since apologized for the snafu, netizens just wouldn't let these three live it down. We thank Mr. Ayson for leading us to DPWHERE?, a Facebook fan page which is, perhaps, the most comprehensive repository of photos inspired by the DPWH Photoshop fiasco. Here, we show you our favorites.


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