Wednesday, October 5, 2011

For The Love Of Gob, This Better Not Be A Trick....

Stop me if you've heard this sh!t before.... Mitch Hurtwiz told the audience at The New Yorker Festival that not only will there be an Arrested Development movie, but it's also coming back to TV for a short season. TVLine says that Mitch told everyone that the plan is to do 10 new episodes and each episode will focus on one Bluth and what they've been doing during the past 5 years. Right after that mini season airs, the movie will come out. Will Arnett said this was true on Twitter and Jason Bateman said they're all hoping to shoot everything next summer for a release in 2013.

So because of this, my initial reaction to this news is this:

Instead of this:

Haha :D

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