Monday, October 10, 2011

Need to get rid of flyaways, nourish nails and camouflage dark under eye circles on a tight budget?

Check out these genius ides for using the drugstore classics in your medicine cabinet. Trust me, you'll never look at these staples the same way again! 


#1: A toothbrush! Use it to... 
1. Get rid of flyaways: Dab hair gel on the bristles, then smooth along your hairline.
2. Exfoliate lips: Wet the brush, and gently rub over lips.
3. Whip up a face mask: Use it to mix ingredients and apply.
4. Groom brows: Spritz the bristles with hairspray!
5. Dye brows: Dip it in hair color, and brush through brows. (Leave dye on for 3-5 minutes.)
6. Try a laid-back 'do: Spray hair with dry shampoo; back-comb with the brush.
7. Cover grays: Coat gray strands with eyeshadow that matches your base color.
8. Fix mascara: Nix globs.
9. Remove hair-color stains: Dip the brush in shampoo, and gently scrub around your hairline.
10. Brush teeth: Twice! 

#2: Petroleum jelly. It can...
1. Glossy eyes: Put a small amount over shadow—or even on bare lids—for chic shine.
2. Boost lashes: Dab on lashes and brows before bed to keep them supple and strong.
3. Moisturize lips: All day.
4. Protect skin while coloring hair: Apply around your hairline to prevent staining.
5. Soften cracked heels: Coat feet at night, put on cotton socks, wake up smooth.
6. Chisel cheeks: Pat a (tiny!) bit onto cheekbones.
7. Nourish nails: Massage into cuticles to soften them.
8. Undo foundation overkill: Tap it along skin to break it up.
9. Sooth cold-inducing chapping: It beats fancy creams for the dry skin around the nose—those can sting.
10. If you don't use jelly: Make a flavored lip gloss. Mix with Kool-Aid!

#3: A cotton swab. Try it to...
1. Desmudge: Dip one in makeup remover to erase goofs.
2. Create a cat eye: Use one to stretch liner up and out.
3. Soften a lip-liner edge: Run it over the outside of the line.
4. Tame heavy eyeliner: Or just perfect your work.
5. Do a bedroom eye: Apply eyeliner, then remove some.
6. Lighten up: Dip it in illuminator to highlight cheekbones.
7. Camouflage darkness: Dab brightening powder under eyes and around nostrils.
8. Remove fake lashes: Saturate a swab in makeup remover; wiggle across the base of the fake to peel it off gently.
9. Hide zits: Dab powder over concealer to keep it in place.
10. Get your money's worth: Dig a swab into any almost-empty jar of precious product. Every penny counts! 

What do you think, ladies? Got any other hand-dandy uses for these drugstore classics? Do tell!

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