Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This Pixar Lamp Costume Just Won Halloween

Still looking for a Halloween costume? Are you also a Pixar fan? And more than that, are you so committed to your love of Pixar that you’re completely cool with literally hopping around for an entire night purely for the sake of Pixar-accuracy?
Even if the answer is ‘no’, let’s all take ten seconds to marvel at this person’s unbelievable devotion to the Pixar-costume craft, with this Pixar lamp costume that’s accurate and hilarious well past the point of total inconvenience:
Wow. The only way they can top it this year is to go in a six-person group costume, with their companions each going as one of the letters in “PIXAR” then he hops on the ‘I’ and knocks it out repeatedly throughout the night. Is that asking too much?

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