Friday, October 28, 2011

Lance Bass Debuts Terrible Boyband Sure to Sell a Billion Records

Blondie with the abs can stay, as can the little one with red pants. The fella with the star tattoo under his eye (Did he kill a popstar?) and his two pals have got to go though.

NSYNC’s third most famous alumni (and fifth best singer) Lance Bass has left his stamp of approval on new boyband Heart2Heart’s debut single about updating your Facebook status. OK, so his stamp is actually more of a Michael and Janet Scream glowy booth snippet, but whatever.
The group seems to be a parody…we think? Still, their music video for Facebook Official has over 600,000 views at press time. It’s hard to tell if we’re watching legitimate singers trying to break through via questionable media like five Rebecca Blacks with balls (maybe?) or simply a new 2Gether.

Either way, Entertainment Weekly has rounded up the five LOLiest lyrics from their single.

5.’Heart2Heart is back/ FB chat poppin’ on my Mac.’ 4.’C’mon/ Myspace is dead/ I’m checking your page to see what you said.’
3.’Heart on your page/Heart, heart on your page/let’s make it official.’
2. ‘Can you confirm this request/Agree to my terms of service.’
1.’Status update/what/checking pics of your butt.’
The song kind of has to be heard to be believed. And in that respect, Bass and his boyband will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Real? Spoof? A hit either way? What do you think of Facebook Official?

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