Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ernie Goes #ScarletJohanssoning

Scarlett Johansson got hacked! Yes, it’s old news, but the world will never fully recover from being gifted with the opportunity to see NEKKID PICTURES (DUH)! The pics rapidly became a meme, in which #scarletjohanssoning was the new planking. The “hot, new thing” online quickly became (and remains) the act of taking an over-the-shoulder picture in front of a mirror that, like Scarlet, exposes one’s derriere. You can even submit your own pictures, since that’s how we live now. (“Please send pictures of yourself — posing, naked, like Scarlet Johansson in what was meant to be a private picture — to a stranger! Theenks!”)

Anyway, the best one yet is easily the cutest, if you can call it cute (you can). We’ll call it “Jim Hensonning”:
I really wish I had the opportunity to comment on Ernie’s a**, but this is good enough. Haha :D

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