Monday, September 26, 2011

Facebook Timeline, Or Who Needs Baby Books?

Aye yaye yaye. Facebook’s redesign continues to grow, and now we’ve been introduced to some sort of newfangled product called Timeline. Mark Zuckerberg calls it “all the stories, all your apps, a new way to express who you are.” In other words, it’s basically 100% YOU. Or something.
Says Gizmodo:
As you move down your Timeline, it condenses your story the further back you go. It’s Time Machine for your life. In order to navigate to specific years, Timeline navigation on the right-hand side is available for users to choose a year. The timeline for each year shows users the most important Facebook posts of that year.
So now your autobiography is available to the girl that bit your face in kindergarten. She can see just how important your life is because that’s officially a thing. Still confused? Me too. Here, this vague, heartwarming video might make you feel better (or not):

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