Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Meet Thailand's pride: BANGTIT

Khemmikka Na Songkhla, the professional titty slapper of Bangkok (more like Bangtit) who slaps the beauty right into women all over Thailand.
Over in the mythical land of Thailand, ladies who want to be plumper in the chichi area but don't want a surgeon's scalpel cutting into their body go to Miss Songkhla who uses an ancient secret technique called Smacking Yo Bitch Titties Up to bring a woman closer to Christina Hendricks proportions without surgery. Miss Songkhla uses her magical hands to pinch, slap and knead fat into chichis as the soundtrack from Vibes plays in the background.
Miss Songkhla's titty slapping boutique was in danger of being shut down when one woman claimed that getting her breasts Ike Turnered gave her cancer. The Thai Health Ministry stepped in and conducted a 6-month study where they closely examined Miss Songkhla's chichi abuse techniques. After all was said and done, and they cleaned up the mess in their chonies, they ruled that not only does Miss Songkhla's techniques not cause breast cancer, but some subjects' chichis actually grew a few cup sizes. Miss Songkhla's titty slapping hand is government approved!
That right there is the perfect job. You get to legally whoop a trick for a check? Count me in ;)

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