Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Madonna Has A Sense Of Humor

Despite her now being a stuffy British children’s book author, Madonna is still a cranky beyotch, at least since causing an online uproar with video surfacing of her sh*t-talking a fan who graciously handed her a bouquet of her least-favorite arrangement: hydrangeas, which she “absolutely loathes.”
We never could have guessed this would happen, but Madonna not only has a sense of humor about the incident, she even filmed a silly little video (old-timey, silent picture show-style) to satirize all this nonsense. 

For anyone who doubted that she’s discarded the same sassy behavior that, once upon a time, scared the bejesus out of everybody with her, fear not: THE B*TCH IS BACK. And she’s taking no prisoners, except if those prisoners are stupid f’ing hydrangeas.

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