Thursday, September 29, 2011

Adidas Rolls Out Star Wars Wampa-Fur Shoes

I’ve never felt the need to own any clothing with animal fur, but when fashionable vengeance for Luke Skywalker comes into play, we can make an exception.

Behold, Adidas’ new Star Wars “Wampa Fur” Sneakers, made with actual white fur from the ice cave dwellers of Planet Hoth:
The website admits that it’s actually “faux Wampa fur made from horsehair,” so Adidas didn’t actually slaughter hundreds of fictional ice creatures to accessorize their footwear, but the internet’s blind Star Wars nostalgia doesn’t split (Wampa) hairs. The shoes do cost $150, but really, can you put a price on Star Wars merchandise? You definitely can? Well good.

Coming off the heels (shoe joke!) of the Back To The Future NikeMags, it appears that shoe companies are in a full-on nostalgia arms-race. First one to invent the jumping boots from Super Mario Bros. gets my money!

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