Friday, September 2, 2011

Have y’all taken a look at Alec Baldwin lately?

Seriously whaaaaat. Alec Baldwin has shed some weight, coiffed the hair, got a new ladyfriend, and is looking ahmmazing. Like, Beetlejuice amazing. What’s the cause of this weight loss? Could it be he’s planning the alltime handsomest run for office? Or is that he’s in love with his new 27-year-old girlfriend, yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas

Whatever he’s doing, he’s got my vote!! Which is MichieCoco code for my “sexual consent.”
I may not be 27, and I may not be a yoga instructor, but I do blog… huh?  
Huuuh??? Alec? *silence*

Here he is with his new girlfriend..

Even Ben Franklin hair can’t mask his musk…

Here he is before one of his infamous “Bedroom Games”:

A _____ that sweats THAT much clearly has a lot to offer:

And here, with Joe Namath Or Maybe Martin Short:

DAYEEEM!!!!! Alec Baldwin Is Looking Good :D

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