Thursday, March 15, 2012

Groupon Now Offering Trip To The Titanic’s Wreckage For TRUE Fans

Are you a Titanic superfan, but felt that the Titanic 3-D re-release didn’t get you close enough to the action? Good news! Groupon is now offering a $12,500 ‘Titanic’ vacation package that includes an underwater trek to the actual wreckage of the Titanic, which may or may not be manned by Bill Paxton:
Groupon is offering the deal, valued at $59,680… The package features a 13-day excursion that includes round-trip airfare from anywhere in the lower 48 states to St. John’s Island, transport via “a professional ship” from St. John’s to the Titanic site, one day of exploration on a deep-ocean vessel and admission to events relating to the 100-year anniversary of the ill-fated ship’s voyage.
Ehhh, I don’t know – even as a massive devotee to badly-aging 90s Oscar bait and real-life grisly disasters that killed over a thousand people. 

Maybe instead, Groupon and James Cameron could strike a happy medium and re-release Titanic in 4-D, and it’s just one of those 3-D Disney World movies where water squirts you in the thigh when Kate Winslet spits? And the tickets are 11 grand?

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