Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NEW GOAL: Hang Out With Tranquilized Gorilla

Gorillas are a real conundrum. I want to big spoon myself around a silverback with my eyes closed while stroking its chest and pretending its Beetlejuice-era Alec Baldwin. On the other hand, he would probably crush my skull within 10 seconds flat, much like the opening pages of Michael Crighton’s “Congo.” 

But today, an answer: Tranquilize em! (Note the tone change in this article because I’m about to tell you something sad.) Shufai is a gorilla living in Cameroon whose mother was killed when he was a baby. He managed to survive some bullet wounds and some hazing by local children, eventually ending up at the Mefou National Park Ape Sanctuary. He’s lived there for 10 years, healing both emotionally and physically, however he still had some shrapnel in his wrist. And so, something had to be done. That something being Gorilla Surgery. And there’s only one way you can get a gorilla into surgery… by putting him under.

And then putting him in a wheelbarrow
What follows are some of the sweetest and most hilarious photos of a tranquilized gorilla you will ever see. This little baby is in good hands, and as you will eventually see, recovers nicely. I’m sure the Coca-Cola they fed him while asleep had a lil something to do with it.

Grab the kleenex and keep reading.

This would be my first reaction when met with a small tranq’d gorilla: Hug the hell out of the guy.
Awww… it’s like Hairy Operation!! Also, FOOTHANDS.
Me on a Saturday night.


See??? He’s fine! Up and about and already back to flinging his own feces. Aww poor thing. We love him.

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