Thursday, March 8, 2012

This Corgi Has Got An Amazing Rack

Weirdly, the most disturbing part of the photo (for me, at least) are the pigtails. A corgi with pigtails? Unholy. A corgi with pigtails shaped like weird Cape Cod arms? Burn it down. 

And now, a question for cute dog owners: I saw someone walking a corgi while on a walk this weekend and stopped, dropped and rolled my way over to it while the owner stood looking on listening to his iPod. I wonder what it must be like for the world’s lucky corgi owners to have girls like me who love pets but who love clean furniture more to basically attack you when you’re out for a stroll. Do you guys hate it? I think I would maybe depending solely on the buoyancy of my bangs. (Where the more buoyant they appear, the more buoyant I appear.) I guess my question is: How exhausting and I to you when you are with your dog? Genuinely curious and thank you.

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