Friday, March 2, 2012

PEPPERSPRAY: There’s An App For That

Ever been chased by an axe murderer and wished there was some sort of “defense” app that could help you in your time of need? Well good news, people constantly being chased. (You’re being chased right now, aren’t you?) Someone’s invented a pepper spray app. Actual pepper spray. Attached to your iPhone. 

The SmartGuard Self-Defense Pepper Spray Device fits snugly in the included iPhone case, and sprays 6 powerful bursts of pepper spray at distances of up to five feet. Someone want to steal your iPhone? Hope they like to have “Jalepeno Vision.” Because that’s exactly what they’re going to get! Just be careful not to spray your own self in the face while attempting to turn your phone on or off, as the can is legit attached to the phone itself. Now, if only there was an app to help you find your car key as you nervously jangle them in the driver’s seat while a serial killer bangs on your window.

And good news ladies! This case also comes in pink.
Take back the night!!!! And also play Words With Friends!

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