Friday, March 30, 2012

5 Amusingly Mundane Avengers Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Entertainment Weekly just released this set of exclusive new Avengers stills. While most of them are your standard run-of-the-mill ‘Captain America standing there’ photos, a handful take place behind the scenes, and it’s actually really amusing to see Joss Whedon interacting very mundanely with serious-looking actors in full-on superhero costumes.

Here’s 5 Amusingly Mundane Avengers Behind-The-Scenes Photos:

1. Iron Man Clapper

2. “Your primary superobjective in this scene, Thor, is…”

3. Joss Whedon Doesn’t Need Stand-Ins

4. “In this scene, try to imagine that Nick Fury isn’t 63 years old…”

5. RDJ Relaxes Between Takes

Alright, last one might’ve been a meaningless Photoshop, but a four-item list just doesn’t feel right. Like if there were Six Commandments or something (which is why they padded that list with all those dumb ones).

Either way, these stills should really help the Avengers be a successful movie.

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