Friday, March 2, 2012

Does Anyone Else Kiss Their Mother The Way Wiz Khalifa Kisses His?

Mr. Amber Rose and rapper Wiz Khalifa tweeted this photo of himself at a recording studio. Nothing wrong with that. But wait. Yes, that is his mother sitting on his lap. And yup, they’re, um, kissing, on the lips. He tweeted it with the caption “I Love My Mommy.”


The point of us bringing this to your attention is not to force you to Kool-Aid Man through your front door, fill your pockets with stones and Woolf yourself in the nearest ravine. It’s really to ask: Is this a normal thing people do? Give their mothers lap rides and kissing them on the mouth? Because seriously, I really really hate it. Especially the idea that they had to hold it for a few seconds in order to score the photograph. But I’m open to listening to any and all of you defending it. 

15 MINUTES LATER HILARIOUS UPDATE: Apparently the real Wiz Khalifa news today is not that he plants one on his mother’s lips, but rather that this act did not deter girlfriend Amber Rose from agreeing to MARRY HIM! That’s right: Wiz and Amber are engaged, told to the world through this photo and the caption “She Said Yes!”

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