Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Best Movie Posters Blog You’ll Ever See

We’re all subconsciously aware that all movie posters are basically the same, but we accept it out of comfort, familiarity, and good old fashioned just not really caring. However, for the sake of design-sanity and internet-amusement, someone named Christophe Courtois is currently destroying this phenomenon on this hilarious movie posters blog, which proves with thorough visual certainty just how similar huge groups of movie posters are.
Here’s one of many examples, the “Words Over Dude’s Dark Back” poster cliche:

The site is in French, so I can’t really read the descriptions of the poster-clusters, but I assume it’s just the phrase “Nice try, a-holes” written over and over again.

Check out the rest of the cliches at It’s really, really awesome. Good luck from now on, movie poster designers!

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