Wednesday, November 16, 2011

31 Date Ideas

Whether you need first date ideas for a rendezvous with your crush or just want to do ANYTHING but dinner and a movie with your steady guy, I think you'll find this list of 31 fall-friendly dates inspiring!

  1. Host an outdoor dinner party for two!
  2. Get lost in a corn maze! (It's scarier than you think!)
  3. Build a fort and snack on indoor S'mores!
  4. Play two-man video games at the arcade! (The more old-school, the better!)
  5. Jump in piles of fallen leaves!
  6. Take a brewery tour and sample yummy beers!
  7. Choose three cheeses you've both never tried and make a yummy cheese plate. (Don't forget the wine!)
  8. Pick out a fun kit from a hobby shop (model race car! mini air plane!) and build it together.
  9. Take a ride on a rented bicycle built for two!
  10. Play an old-school board game!
  11. Carve pumpkins!
  12. Take a sight-seeing tour—on public transportation!
  13. Play laser tag!
  14. Ask a psychic what your futures hold!
  15. Instead of a fancy-pants high-pressure dinner, meet for breakfast instead. (Mmm ... syrup!)
  16. Visit the aquarium!
  17. Whip up some (spiked!) milk and cookies.
  18. Break out the sidewalk chalk and try your hand (er, feet) at hopscotch. Once you're done with hopping, move on to tic-tac-toe!
  19. Find a cookbook at the library and pick something yummy to cook together! (Bring quarters for so you can photocopy the recipe!)
  20. Bring a handful of pennies to a local fountain and make some wishes!
  21. Paint pottery together. (If your instincts tell you it's childish, ignore 'em!)
  22. See if he's man enough to go for a pedicure with you! (I begged my husband before our wedding—and he wound up loving it!)
  23. Take a walk on a deserted beach!
  24. Challenge your crush to a push-up contest. Or ask him to join you for a Pilates class!
  25. Rather than meet up for drinks, meet up for a cupcake! (Or two!)
  26. Go to Target and pick out silly, inexpensive surprise gifts for each other! (Max price tag: $10!)
  27. Spend an afternoon at a fall harvest festival!
  28. Pay a visit to your local bingo hall and join the grandmas for a few rounds!
  29. Take a long walk and hold hands the entire time!
  30. Attend trivia night at a bar!
  31. Visit a haunted house!

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