Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A STORY TOLD IN GIF: Kim Kardashian’s Shocking Divorce

Shocking news out of Hollywood, as news has broken that Kim Kardashian is getting divorced from brand new husband Kris Humphries despite their $10 Million wedding and $2 Million “Every Kiss Begins With K” ring. The two were married a little over 2 months ago in a wedding paid for by neither of them.

Given that their marital problems has been covering the tabloid pages since the day Ryan Seacrest officiated the ceremony (he did right?) and that Kim managed to survive that chimp attack and get an entirely new face attached to her skull, it’s not a total shock that these two didn’t work out. For God’s sake, this GIF taken from Keeping Up With The Kardashians should have given it away months ago…

What kind of assh*le throws a woman into the ocean? Fine, she’s completely buoyant, but still.

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