Thursday, November 24, 2011

Weird Health News: Vitamin-Takers Have More Casual Sex, Exercise Less and Binge Drink

Sometimes health news just ... doesn't make a lot of sense. :) Take the latest study, for instance, that explored the habits of those who take daily vitamins and supplements. Researchers say that the behavior of pill poppers is downright unhealthy. The surprising findings...


Here's some weird news: Vitamin takers are an unhealthy lot, at least according to a new study Psychological Science. The researchers say that people who take supplements are more likely to have a false sense of security about their health--a superman (or woman) complex, so to speak. The study findings indicated that vitamin takers were more likely to have casual sex, binge drink and exercise less frequently than those who didn't take a daily multi. published in the journal.

I think this is very interesting (and a little funny, I have to admit), especially as it comes on the heels of the news that vitamins may up your death risk.

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