Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A New Procedure Promises to Change Brown Eyes Blue--Would You Get It?

Some doctors are saying that they may have pioneered a new treatment that turns brown eyes blue. Would you get it? 


I used to know a lot of people in college who wore color contacts because they claimed to hate their "boring" eye color so much. I always thought that was weird, and I think it's even stranger to hear that an eye doctor in Chicago, Dr. Elmer Tu, has reportedly developed a procedure that uses lasers to turn brown eyes, permanently, blue. If the procedure receives FDA approval in the next three years, as planned, you could plunk down an estimated $5,000 for blue eyes. 

How does it work? According to reports, a special laser destroys the brown pigment in the iris, and this stimulates the color change to happen slowly over the following weeks. (So yeah, you'd have chameleon eyes for a while.) 

The procedure is thought to be safe, but it isn't reversible, so if you ended up with, say, a really strange color of blue eyes that you hated, there would be NO going back.

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