Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Is This Heart-Breaking News For Women Who Drink Sugary Beverages?

Okay, show of hands: who here likes to regularly sip on sugary beverages? There's some interesting news for women who like their drinks fully-loaded with sugar...


A new study is suggesting that women who drink two or more sugary beverages a day are at increased risk for heart disease and diabetes (even if the extra sugar calories aren't causing her weight to rise). Women in the study were close to four times as likely to have high levels of dangerous blood fats and impaired blood sugar levels.

And! Women in the study who drank two sugary sodas per day had more fat on their bellies than women who don't drank sodas--even if they were otherwise at a healthy weight.

According to Yahoo!: "Belly fat, or abdominal obesity, poses greater health risks than fat in other areas of the body because it lies deep inside and can produce hormones and other substances that negatively affect blood pressure, cholesterol and insulin production."

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