Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Working Out As a Couple: Awesome or Awkward?

Miley Cyrus is often (very, very often) photographed leaving her Pilates studio after a workout, but recently, she had an exercise partner that got paparazzi-ed too...


...fiancé Liam Hemsworth. And while we can't be sure that Liam was actually doing Pilates with Miley (maybe he was just cheering her on? Or admiring his hat in the mirror?), they were also spotted skateboarding together late last week, so it's somewhat safe to assume they exercise together once in a while, right?

I don't really know any couples that work out together--do you? I see couples who are working out side-by-side at the gym and they seem pretty content doing so, but I like exercising solo. I just need that space--to listen to music, to let my mind go wherever it needs to go, to push myself at my own pace in my own way. What about you?

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