Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Is This What You Thought 50 Shades's Christian Grey Would Look Like?

Allow me to interrupt your daydream about Christian Grey, because according to the best-seller list, that's all anyone's doing these days. But don't get mad--I have a really, really good reason for it...what if I told you I interrupted to bring him to life? Well, in one of the most fun side projects ever, a psych professor at England's University of Central Lancashire has blended women's descriptions of 50 Shades of Grey's protagonist, Christian Grey, into a composite portrait. Curious? So were we! Have a look — it's academic research, after all!


The professor, Dr. Faye Skelton, was quoted as saying she hopes the portrait doesn't "intrude on anyone's fantasies." Ladies, I think we can forgive her.

Dr. Skelton made the picture using the same software used to make composite portraits of criminals, basing it on how the 12 women said they imagined Grey to look.  She thinks the portrait could be used by Hollywood when they're searching for an actor to play Grey in the upcoming film adaptation. Ian Somerhalder, the brooding-and-oh-so-handsome star of the Vampire Diaries, has been linked to the role, but it's still open (Ryan Gosling rumors have been swirling, too!). 


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