Thursday, August 16, 2012

Who The Hell Is Taylor Swift Yodeling About Now?

Taylor Swift, the worst thing to happen to the Kennedys since the Kennedy curse, has a new song out called "We Are Never Getting Back Together" and based on that title you might think she's singing to the definition of maturity, but were her and maturity ever together? Taylor of Sunnybrook Farms tells Good Morning America (via People) that surprise, surprise, she wrote that song about one of her ex-pieces. But before we start guessing about which one of Taylor's exes is going to tell Rolling Stones in a few months that she really put bruises on his innocent heart by writing a song about him, let's listen to that mess first. WARNING: Taylor Swift is still writing lyrics that sound like they were written on her paper bag book cover during 7th grade homeroom.

So who is Taylor singing about this time? Jakey Gyllenhaal? John Mayer? Joe Jonas? Taylor Lautner? 

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