Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Is That A Fart Bubble?

No, seriously, is it?? Probably not, but ever since Ryan Lochte admitted to playing the wrong kind of watersports in the pool and Michael Phelps nodded his agreement, I'm obsessed with knowing just where Olympic swimmers draw the bodily function line.  Okay, I'll stop there and yes I've given this way too much thought and I didn't want to take that terrifying journey alone so I forced you all along. You're welcome. 

The actual point to this post - yes, there really is a point - is to show you Louis Vuitton's latest ad, featuring THE MEDAL WINNINGEST OLYMPIAN OF ALL TIMEZ (USA!!!). The ad shows Phelps soaking in his Speedos like we all do in the tub and not giving a f>ck (a fart quite possibly, but not a f>ck) if his super rich retiring AT 27 ass splashes bath water all over his LV duffle bag.

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