Friday, August 17, 2012

Cute Food Alert: 10 of the Most Adorable Sushi Rolls You'll Ever See

This post goes to my dear friend Ann Castillo :) Warning: Cuteness Overload!!!

I saw Buzzfeed's post about amazing sushi--and, ohmygod are they amazing (computer sushi? Really?)--and it sent me scurrying off to find some more examples. It turns out that sushi can be more than delicious. It can be adorable.

Here's the first bit of evidence: snail sushi.

Source: via Lexi on Pinterest

I can't even with these panda rice balls.

Delicate rose sushi!

Source: via Lexi on Pinterest

Fish sushi--yes, I know that's what normal sushi is, but look!

This totally gorgeous flower sushi is one of the few examples I could find that listed ingredients: rice, sushi vinegar, pickled chrysanthemum petals, scallop sashimi, sesame seeds, kinome leaves.

Hello Kitty sushi, but of course.

Source: via Lexi on Pinterest

Piggy sushi!

Source: via Lexi on Pinterest

There's even Barack Obama caricature sushi, made with small shrimp, sesame seeds, and fish paste.

Source: via Lexi on Pinterest
I don't know what these little guys are supposed to be, but I like them!

And, of course, a cat dressed as sushi. Which isn't edible, obviously, but c'mon. Cute.

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